Here’s all you need to know about the Dada Supreme Latrell Sprewell Spinners Shoes, along with the facts and where to buy them.

They spinning! They spinning! Do you remember when a Cadillac Escalade had 24-inch rotating rims? So much so that Latrell Sprewell, the angriest dunker ever, even started wearing spinning rims on his feet!

DADA Supreme Spree Spinners
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In order to release the one-of-a-kind kicks, Spree teamed up with Damani Dada Clothing, the company that makes the Chris Webber CDubbz, in 2004. Unfortunately, the shoes’ success didn’t endure as long as Sprees’ soon-to-end career, and the wheels eventually stopped turning. Both Spree and the shoes have developed cult-like followings over the past ten years. The shoe was also placed No. 19 on Slam Magazine’s list of the “Top 20 Basketball Sneakers of the Past 20 Years.”

Full History of Dada Supreme Latrell Sprewell spinners shoes

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In September of 2016, Spree resurfaced for a must-listen live appearance on Michael Rapaport’s I Am Rapaport Stereo Podcast. He discussed the history of the spinning rims and shoes during the wild hour of stories: In order to help promote the spinning rims, a business by the name of Davin Wheels approached him in 2001. Spree agreed, demonstrated the device on an episode of MTV Cribs, and it immediately went viral. Because of Spree, they blew up so significantly that Davin became irate because people were referring to the wheels as “Sprewell Spinners” rather than “Davin Spinners.” “Davin, we don’t know who the fuck you are,” Rapaport replied.

Soon after his collaboration with Davin, he teamed up with Dada to add spinners to shoes, but, predictably, no one gave the footwear the name Supreme Spinners. They were known as Sprewell Spinners by everyone.

Facts About Dada Supreme Latrell Sprewell spinners shoes

The DaDa Supreme Spinners, which are modelled after his Sprewell rims, have a little tire and rim by the heel that continues to spin when you stop.

Urban basketball players were the target market for these shoes, which swiftly gained popularity among them as well as with stars like Drake.

Sprewell once stated on Twitter that they would be coming back in 2018. He posted a picture of the sneakers along with a possible impending return notice. however, it never occurred.

Where to buy

Strangely enough, the American Basketball Association no longer uses these kicks, and they are all but gone. However, these sneakers are still selling in good numbers in places like Japan.

Dada Shoes Will They Be Back?

The Dada sneakers were actually returning, with releases predicted for 2018 and 2017. Interestingly, despite having no connection, they were said to have been produced in conjunction with Reebok.

Although it is improbable that we will see a return in 2022, the earlier speculations do give fans some small reason to hold out hope.

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