Conor McGregor Leaves Jon Jones Awestruck with Remarkable Sparring Footage and Hints at Rejoining UFC’s Drug Testing Protocols

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor (Twitter)

In a jaw-dropping display of skill and commitment, Conor McGregor has left UFC legend Jon Jones thoroughly impressed with his recent sparring footage. These electrifying glimpses into McGregor’s training regimen also hint at his eagerly anticipated return to the UFC and his willingness to comply with the stringent drug testing procedures.

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor (Conor McGregor IG)

The last time Conor McGregor graced the Octagon was at UFC 264 in July 2021, a night marred by a leg injury suffered in the opening round of his trilogy clash with Dustin Poirier. While fans have been eagerly awaiting his comeback, especially against Michael Chandler, the former two-weight UFC champion faced an unexpected hurdle – he failed to meet the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) drug testing requirements in time for this year’s fight schedule.

To become eligible for competition once more, McGregor must undergo six months of rigorous, random drug testing with the UFC’s official anti-doping partner. The deadline for his return in the final pay-per-view event of 2023 dictated that he should have re-entered the testing pool back in June.

However, McGregor had been absent from the USADA pool since the third quarter of 2021. But the Irish sensation recently dropped cryptic hints that he’s taking decisive steps to rectify this situation, sending ripples of excitement throughout the MMA world. His social media channels lit up with training clips that caught the discerning eye of UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

In response to one of McGregor’s mesmerizing sparring videos, Jones offered his admiration with the words, “McGregor looking smooth with it,” underlining his appreciation for the Irishman’s form.

Adding to the intrigue, McGregor shared a tantalizing Instagram message beneath one of his sparring videos. In it, he suggested that he had submitted the requisite forms to the UFC’s Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance, Jeff Novitzky. McGregor’s message exuded determination: “Find my targets. Hit them. F*** the consequences. You’re going down. This is fighting. Sparring day with slick @grozdevnikolay. Always a banger of a spar with the slick fella. Submitted my stuff to Novitzky. Ball rolling see you soon you little light work b****.”

While a concrete date and venue for the Chandler-McGregor bout remain unconfirmed, insiders within the sport are buzzing with anticipation, hinting at the possibility of this blockbuster showdown headlining the historic UFC 300 card scheduled for next year. Although no fights have officially been added to the event’s lineup, it appears almost inevitable that McGregor’s triumphant return will serve as its marquee attraction.

If McGregor successfully re-enters the drug testing pool this month, a thrilling showdown could unfold by April, aligning seamlessly with the expected timeline for UFC 300. As fans eagerly count down the days, the prospect of McGregor’s long-awaited UFC return takes a significant step closer to reality.

Conor McGregor Drops Shocking Bombshell on Training Dillon Danis ahead of Logan Paul Clash

In a surprising turn of events, Conor McGregor has revealed that he will not be helping Dillon Danis prepare for his upcoming boxing debut against Logan Paul. The former MMA prospect, a longtime friend and teammate of McGregor, is scheduled to face Paul on the undercard of the KSI vs. Tommy Fury bout in Manchester on October 14.

Initially, McGregor had publicly declared his intention to train Danis and even guaranteed Danis’s victory against Paul. However, with just two weeks remaining until fight night, McGregor has made an abrupt about-face, citing a change in their plans.

Speaking to All Out Fighting, McGregor stated, “Dillon’s gonna win, Dillon will win. You know, he had the baby, we didn’t get to train together. So, I don’t know the ins and outs. I know he’s doing well, he’s still training, and he’s gonna go for it. He’s had a baby, he had a new baby, so I tried to bring him out. Dillon’s good.”

In the lead-up to their fight, Danis found himself embroiled in legal troubles after Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, filed a lawsuit and obtained a temporary restraining order against Danis due to his social media trolling. McGregor expressed his disapproval of the legal actions resulting from pre-fight trash talk but acknowledged that both fighters had succeeded in creating considerable intrigue around their bout.

“It’s messy, all of that. I don’t care about it,” McGregor commented about Agdal’s lawsuit. “It’s an interesting build-up. It’s exciting, and fair play to both of them.”

McGregor, who had initially promised to train Danis for the fight, is now uncertain about whether he will even attend the event to support his friend. When asked if he would be present to cheer on Danis, McGregor responded with a tentative, “Possibly, we’ll see.”

Adding to his reasons for uncertainty, McGregor and his longtime partner, Dee Devlin, are expecting their fourth child. This familial development might lead McGregor to prioritize spending time with his family over traveling to the fight in the north-west of England.

At 35 years old, McGregor also has his own comeback fight to prepare for. After more than two years on the sidelines due to injury, he is now fully fit and expected to face Michael Chandler in the first few months of 2024.

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