Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 Base Designs – All Types



Discover a range of Town Hall 13 base designs in Clash of Clans that are tailored to different defensive strategies. Choose the layout that aligns with your playstyle and gain the upper hand in battles.

Clash of Clans (CoC) is a village-based battle game. A grand strategy game where there are so many things to explore. Here, you get your own village along with many resources, troops, towers, and finally you also get access to the main building of CoC, which is the Town Hall. Town Hall level begins from 1 and you can upgrade it to a maximum level of 15 currently. Town Hall is essential for everything in the game.

You get more troops and resources as you upgrade your town hall in the game. To upgrade town hall, you require gold. As a beginner, you can upgrade town hall levels easily. But once it crosses level 7, the game begins. You have to acquire all resources and build the best base as well. Anyone can invade your base and run away with 3 stars if your defense base is weaker and poor.

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Defending your village against raiders of CoC becomes a challenging task. You have to upgrade all resources and they have to be placed in the right positions as well. This also keeps changing at every town hall level as you gain access to more resources and towers every time. Here, we share the best Clash of Clans Town Hall level 13 bases in our guide.

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Best Clash of Clans TH13 Defense Bases You Should Use!

Here are some dominating Town Hall 13 bases in Clash of Clans. With these bases, your trophy count in CoC is sure to be increased. You can go with these bases and you can also change the positions of some defenses accordingly.

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Base 1

This base is stunning in every way. Every wall has been upgraded. You can spot resources like gold mines and elixir collectors at both the top and bottom sides of the village. The town hall is placed at the center and you can spot Air Defenses on each end and they have been placed right behind the town hall. This is the best strategy to negate all air troops as well.

Base 1 Clash of clans Town hall 13
Base 1

You can find a couple of Giga tesla and X-bows at the bottom side. These 2 can take on ground and air units as well. Giga inferno towers are placed on the top left and right sides as well. There’s also one behind the town hall along with 2 X-bows. The remaining units are placed at the top end. This TH13 base makes sure you don’t lose 3 stars and your resources will remain safe as well. Only a one-star defeat remains possible. Overall, this is an excellent Town Hall level 13 defense base to use on priority.

Base 2

The base is split into 4 parts here. The town hall is well placed at the bottom end. All resources and builder huts are outside every base. On top, you can find archer towers, giga tesla, and cannons. On the left and right, a couple of resources, archer towers, X-bows, rockets, and a giga inferno can be seen.

Clash of clans Town hall 13
Base 2

The bottom base looks formidable as you can find rockets, wizard towers, archer towers, and other major defenses as well. This Town Hall level 13 is completely for avoiding three stars and saving resources. There’s every chance that you lose a star or two in raids. If you are focused more on saving resources and avoiding 3 stars, this is the best TH13 defense base.

Base 3 

A unique deck where the town hall is well inside surrounded by X-bows, Eagle Artillery,  Air Defense, and X-bows. You can also find Scattershot and Giga Tesla towers as well. All bombs and traps are also placed inside the 3rd base. This will reduce the powers of all ground troops that are deployed that way.

Anti 3-star base
Anti 3-star base

The last base includes archer towers, balloons, X-bows, and a couple of wizard towers as well. Outside the last base you can place all resources, spell factory, and builder huts as well. This is another anti 3-star defense base for Town Hall level 13. This base can also be used for clan wars. A powerful defense base that works wonders every time.

 Base 4  

The town hall is placed on the right side. You can find a Giga tower and X-bow along with a spring trap over there. Towards the right side of the town hall, there are many defenses like rockets, archer towers, wizard towers, balloons, air sweepers, and eagle artillery as well. At the bottom(right )side of the village, there’s a giga tesla, X-bow, and an archer tower as well.

Base 4 Clash of clans Town hall 13
Base 4

On the top left and bottom left, you can find other resources and defenses. At every end, there’s protection as well. Earning a star against this TH level 13 looks very hard. This is an extraordinary defense base for every player who has unlocked TH13 in Clash of Clans.

Base 5 

Here, you can place the town hall on the left side of your village. Town Hall gets a boost as you can see two archer towers and wizard towers behind it. There’s also an X-bow, Rocket, and Sweeper. You can place a cannon and other resources towards the left and right side of the town hall. This makes it hard for the opposing raider to deploy their troops from the left side.

Clash of clans Town hall 13

On the right, there is an air defense, an X-bow, and a couple of archer towers. You can also place both eagle artillery and mortars on the right side. Again, giga towers can be placed on the right to ensure both ends get maximum protection. You will probably lose some resources and it’s always better to collect all resources and keep the storages empty. This is another best base that helps you avoid 3 stars in raids and clan war battles as well.

Base 6

Defense base
Defense base

Here, you can spot two main sections. The first is at the center and the second one is around it. This central section has a Town hall placed inside and there are X-bows, eagle artillery, and giga tesla towers. Behind all these, you can find archer towers, wizard towers, cannons, and rockets on all four ends. You can find other notable defenses as well.

All resources, storages, spell factory, and barracks can be found outside walls and some are inside. You can place traps and bombs outside walls to gain an initial advantage. You can also place balloons and bases on every corner. This ensures you can avoid attacks of flying units and you will save some gold coins and elixir as well.

These are the best TH13 bases in Clash of Clans right now. Go with any of these bases and keep winning more trophies as well. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

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