Cheat Code Hints at New DOOM Game, But Will Xbox Players Get Early Access?



Leaks about the next release from the Doom franchise are out. Find out everything about the new Doom game.

There are tons of First-person shooter games. Doom is a series of first-person shooter games that have inspired creators  over the years. In Doom, players play as a Space Marine, Demon and Slayer. The goal is to stop the invasion of demons in Hell. Every Doom game has similar story lines and features. Whenever a new Doom game releases, the plot begins from events that occurred in the last game.

Makers of Doom have produced spine-chilling shooter games over the years. Shooting games in first-person perspective have difficult challenges. The last release from the Doom franchise is Doom Eternal. After maintaining silence for years, there’s a leak from members of the Doom franchise about the next release from the series. A New doom game has been leaked with the popular cheat code IDKFA.

New Doom Game – Everything You Need to Know

New Doom game
Cheat Code Hints at New DOOM Game, But Will Xbox Players Get Early Access? 2

Bethesda, the makers of Doom Eternal tried to get approval for the cheat code, IDKFA and they have submitted a trademark as well. It’s also revealed that the code was given as the tentative title for an upcoming game from the Doom franchise. 

The next main gaming event will be the Xbox Showcase in June 2024. It’s also rumoured that Microsoft will officially announce the arrival of the upcoming Doom game along with its name, release date, gameplay features and more. The Xbox showcase is a big event where updates of all upcoming video games will be revealed by makers.

New Doom Game on the Horizon, But at What Cost?

After a hiatus, id Software will release another Doom game. It’s reported that the next Doom game will be a sequel to Doom Eternal and the plot will continue. There’s no update on features, platforms and price about this upcoming first-person shooter game.

Microsoft Buys Room, Could PlayStation Fans Be Left Out?

It’s also reported that Microsoft will publish the new Doom game and they will announce it in the upcoming Xbox Showcase. If Microsoft releases Doom, then it might not release on consoles. On the other hand, Microsoft has changed the trend and started launching games on consoles as well. Even if Doom is a PC-exclusive game, it will be launched for PlayStation as well.

Could DOOM Be the Next Xbox Exclusive?

Yes, there are chances for the next Doom game to be an Xbox exclusive game. More updates about the next Doom game will be revealed in the upcoming days.

What’s the Release Date for DOOM?

A new Doom game after Doom Eternal has been confirmed. But it’s just at the first stage and there’s no official update as well. The next Doom game will be released at the end of 2024 or in the first half of 2025. There’s no update on gameplay, mechanics and story for this upcoming Doom video game.

That’s everything you need to know about the new Doom game release date, gameplay and platforms. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.


Who can Play The New Doom Game?

Doom will be launched for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. An official confirmation on platforms will be out soon.

What’s the name of upcoming Doom Game?

A new Doom game is confirmed for a release and this will be the sequel of Doom Eternal. The game’s name and gameplay features will be revealed soon by the makers.

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