Catalyst Black Weapon Tier List – Best Weapons in the Game (August 2023)


Do you want to know which are the best weapons in Catalyst Black? Our Catalyst Black Weapon Tier List will help you to know about it. 

Catalyst Black is a real-time multiplayer experience filled with powerful guns, customizable abilities, and mystical primals from another realm. Make your own loadout and drop into any mode. Battle other teams and plan your play in real-time multiplayer action. Become the strongest primal, capable of decimating the entire enemy team and eliminating every ounce of energy before you transform.

Experience the thrill of adventuring high above Kyria as you discover the riches of power hidden across the exotic Welkin Islands. The Welkins offer near-limitless access to this mystical resource, though they also contain the greatest mysteries of Catalyst Black. Create the perfect loadout to suit your battle style by picking up and upgrading your weapons. Try to kill as a long-range sniper, duel as a sneaky assassin, or counter as a primal hunter. 

To defeat the enemies, you will need some of the best weapons in the game and how can you find out which weapon is the best? For that, you will need a tier list and we have the Catalyst Black Weapon Tier List for you that will definitely solve your problem. 

Catalyst Black Weapon Tier List

The tier list is very important because it will help you to know which is the best weapon in the game currently. There are so many weapons and finding out the best one will be very time-consuming and it will take lots of effort. 

This is why our Catalyst Black Weapon Tier List will guide and rank the weapons according to their overall power in the game so that you can decide which one is best for you. We will also tell you which weapon is primary and which one is heavy to avoid any confusion. So, without wasting any time, read the tier list for the best weapons in Catalyst Black below.

S Tier

Primary WeaponWeapon Type
Splintered FatePrimary
Aught MandrelHeavy

A Tier

WeaponWeapon Type
Orthoptic GeneratorPrimary
Lost DreamerPrimary
Trine PlaneHeavy
The CaretakerPrimary
Luma ProdigalPrimary
Negate SirenHeavy
Catalyst Black gameplay
Catalyst Black gameplay

B Tier

WeaponWeapon Type
Bifurcation ConstantPrimary
Luma ArrivalHeavy
Mutiny’s SongHeavy

C Tier

WeaponWeapon Type
Northern WarmthPrimary
Soft ThunderPrimary
The MiserHeavy
The HereticHeavy

D Tier

WeaponWeapon Type
The ProdigalPrimary
Primal EyePrimary
Rush TrialPrimary
Mk-4 AcceleratorHeavy

So, this was the tier list that you must follow if you want to play with the best weapon. It is not necessary that our Catalyst Black Weapon Tier List will be as per your demands so in that case you can just try out or experiment with some weapons to know which is the best. However, we recommend you to try out the top-tier weapons first and if it does not suit you then you can go for other tiers as well. 

Catalyst Black gameplay
Catalyst Black gameplay

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