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Broken Roads Game is the newest Indie Titles from the large list of games that Steam is promoting.

Broken Roads Game Is here and is the newest title that steam is offering on a sale. The trend has become very common as Steam is promoting new games with the discount to promote the indie gaming industry and the developers. Broken Roads Game is a story-based game with RPG elements, and it seems like it took a lot of inspiration from the Mad Max universe.

The Mad Max universe is one of the most unique universes that has been a cultural phenomenon because of its unique setting and its post-apocalyptic world. Let us discuss this game in this article. There is a lot to cover too so fasten your seat belts.

Broken Roads Game
Broken Roads Cover

Broken Roads Game- The Setting

The setting of Broken Roads Game revolves around a unique word good barren landscapes and multitude of people living in a town which is barely on the brink of resource extinction. The developer said that this game is set in Western Austraila which is similar to the setting in the Mad Max franchise.

The RPG elements in the game focus on four different characters and choices that affect the gameplay. The game also took inspiration from other games such as disco Elysium.

Disco Elysium was one of the best games that was released in the past generation, and it won indie game of the year and has been well received by all critics and the gaming community. No wonder the developers wanted to pack on this popularity and make a unique game that is set in this world.

ardath mural
Broken Roads Screenshot

Broken Roads Game- The Gameplay

The gameplay follows typical RPG elements, and it also includes an isometric camera view similar to games such as League of Legends and Diablo. The choice-based system can make or break your gameplay as it will help unlock different traits and perks for your characters and eventually help you throughout the game.

This game also follows the butterfly effect in gaming which was made popular by choice-based games such as Fahrenheit and Until Dawn. At first glance this game looks very similar to Disco Elysium as mentioned before but the setting of this game makes this very different as Western Australia is apt for such a post-apocalyptic setting.

Broken Roads Game also reminds gamers of an underrated gem which is the Mad Max game released back in 2015. Mad Max is one of those games that was highly appreciated by the fandom, but it was overlooked due to other releases such as The Witcher 3 and Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain which was released in the same year.

There should be a different method that should be approached by the developers to promote such underrated titles to make sure the gaming community experiences these games.

Broken Roads 20220817 06
Broken Roads Gameplay

Broken Roads Game- Marketing and Promotion

We are not sure how this industry will try to promote Broken Roads Game in a different scope as there are a lot of similar teams that follow the same strategy and gameplay. My best bet is that as Steam is promoting this game on its store with the discount the developers can take advantage of it and make sure this game reaches the audience it needs to.

Nonetheless this game has gotten mostly negative reviews from a few people who tried this game but there might be a chance it will be improved over time as there are not a lot of players who experience this title. Let’s hope that this game will be different enough without being a complete rip-off of other big franchises like Disco Elysium or Mad Max.

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What is the release date of Broken Roads?

Broken Roads was released on April 10th 2024

What genre is Broken Roads?

Broken Roads is a survival game focused on story and player choices.

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