Deontay Wilder Fueling Speculation: Boxing & MMA Clash with Francis Ngannou a Real Possibility


Deontay Wilder Fueling Speculation: Boxing & MMA Clash with Francis Ngannou a Real Possibility

Deontay Wilder amps up excitement for a potential blockbuster showdown against Francis Ngannou as the former heavyweight champion expresses his desire to face the former UFC star both in the boxing ring and the MMA octagon. The two behemoths have been engaged in discussions regarding a crossover bout that could capture the attention of fans worldwide.

Francis Ngannou PFL
Francis Ngannou PFL

Ngannou, known for his dominant run in the UFC, is exploring opportunities for a lucrative boxing match after parting ways with the organization earlier this year. His name has been linked to potential matchups against the likes of Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, and Deontay Wilder.

Having recently signed with the MMA promotion PFL, Ngannou is set to step foot in the Smart Cage in 2024 following his stint in the boxing ring. However, Wilder’s presence at a recent PFL event in Atlanta suggests that he sees a real possibility of facing Ngannou before then.

While Wilder acknowledges that his next fight, likely against Anthony Joshua, is nearly set in stone with a 99 percent certainty, he leaves the door open for a clash with Ngannou.

“At that specific date [in December], I’m not sure, but all things and anything are possible,” Wilder stated in an interview with MMA Fighting.

The prospect of a Wilder vs. Ngannou matchup is an enticing one, as it brings together two explosive punchers with tremendous knockout power. The spectacle of seeing these heavyweights collide in both the boxing ring and the MMA cage has captured the imaginations of fight fans around the world.

As discussions continue and negotiations unfold, fight enthusiasts eagerly await confirmation of this potential mega-fight that could transcend the boundaries of combat sports.

Wilder also said he was willing to take Ngannou on in the cage, and even donned a pair of PFL gloves at the arena.  

‘Hey Francis, you listening?’ Wilder said on the broadcast with a smile. ‘We discussed this before, and we’ve got many space and opportunity to discuss once more. I’m looking for a two-fight [deal] crossing over.’ 

UFC heavyweight contender fancies Francis Ngannou’s chances against Deontay Wilder

UFC heavyweight contender Tom Aspinall shared his thoughts on Francis Ngannou’s potential boxing career, expressing his belief that Ngannou’s best chance against a top-ranked boxer would be against Deontay Wilder.

In an interview with JN Media UK, Aspinall expressed his excitement for a potential Ngannou vs. Wilder boxing bout. Aspinall acknowledged the immense punching power possessed by both fighters and described them as “two massive f*cking guys who can just punch holes in walls.” He expressed his genuine interest in witnessing such a matchup, recognizing the entertainment value that two heavyweights of that caliber would bring to the boxing ring.

Aspinall went on to discuss the current landscape of professional boxing, highlighting the reluctance of top fighters to face each other and the exorbitant financial demands associated with high-profile matchups. However, he firmly stated that he would definitely tune in to see Ngannou and Wilder square off, emphasizing the potential excitement and fireworks that the fight could deliver.

While acknowledging Wilder’s exceptional punching power, Aspinall also noted that in terms of boxing skills and defensive ability, Wilder falls behind other elite-level boxers such as Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury. He described Wilder as “quite hittable” and suggested that his fight IQ may not be on par with some of the top boxers in the division. Aspinall believes that out of the elite-level boxers, Wilder would be the most favorable matchup for Ngannou, considering his lower level of boxing ability compared to fighters like Usyk and Fury.

“I would love to see him and Wilder, because it’s just two massive f*cking guys who can just punch holes in walls. It’s ridiculous. I would love to see that. Boxing is a funny, old game, isn’t it? It’s a funny game. No one wants to fight each other. It’s very bizarre. And if they do, they want 20 million (dollars) for it, so it’s ridiculous. I would definitely be tuning in for that. Ngannou and Wilder, that would be excellent.” “I think if there was anybody he (Ngannou) could beat, it would be Wilder. Wilder is – I don’t wanna slag the guy off because he’s one of the hardest punches ever. But as far as actual boxing ability, his level is way lower than someone like an (Oleksandr) Usyk or a Tyson Fury or somebody like that. But the guy’s punching power is absolutely off the chart. It’s absolutely ridiculous, out of this world. But I think he’s quite hittable, and his fight IQ doesn’t seem to be great… If there’s any of them he (Ngannou) could beat, it would definitely be Wilder.”

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