Blox Fruits T-Rex Fruit Guide – How to get, Movesets, and More


The Blox Fruits T-Rex transformation not only provides a visual spectacle but also leaves Prey Marks on enemies, dealing damage based on the distance.

In the Roblox Blox Fruits game, Update 21 has been released. It brings the Winter Update Part 1 and many challenges. Among them, the T-Rex Fruit stands out as a powerful addition. This guide goes into the details of obtaining Blox Fruits T-Rex Fruit, its movesets, and assessing the value of this huge Devil Fruit inspired by the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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How to Obtain the Blox Fruits T-Rex Fruit?

In order to obtain the highly desired Blox Fruits T-Rex Fruit, it is necessary to make a financial investment. The players need to collect a minimum of 2,700,000 in-game money or they can choose to take the pay-to-win path by spending 2350 Robux. 

The deal happens with the Blox Fruit Dealer, and after paying the necessary money, the T-Rex Fruit gets added to the player’s inventory without any problems. If you are facing a problem where you are unable to acquire something in the game, you can try fixing it by restarting the game. Sometimes, the thing you want may not appear at first, but restarting the game might help.

How to unlock Blox Fruits T-Rex Fruit Powers?

When players have this Mythical Rarity Blox Fruit, they can use the strong powers of a Beast-type powerhouse during battles. When you reach 300 Mastery, you can transform into a T-Rex. This transformation leaves Prey Marks on your enemies and deals damage that depends on the distance. It is very useful for players who have a clever but aggressive gameplay style.

All Blox Fruits T-Rex Fruit Moveset

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(M1) Claw Slashes

You can perform up to four light attacks by pressing either the M1 button or the RMB. These attacks can be smoothly combined with other moves to create combos. You don’t need to be a master to do this crazy move, because it unlocks by itself when you buy the T-Rex Fruit.

(Z) Tail Swipe

Use the Z key to eliminate enemies by performing a powerful tail swipe, which is very effective in managing large groups of enemies and preparing for combination attacks. Just like Claw Slashes, this move gets unlocked automatically when you buy the Blox Fruits T-Rex Fruit.

(X) Predatory Screech

Use the X key to unleash the power of the inner T-Rex, bringing enemies closer and then releasing a loud roar. This move can be unlocked when the player reaches 50 Mastery points. Once unlocked, it has the power to transform the player into a strong and powerful entity.

(C) Hunter’s Rage

To activate this move, you need to press the C key. When you do this, the character will dash towards the aimed location. During the dash, the character will tear through obstacles using its sharp claws. You can unlock it when you reach 100 Mastery points. It adds a dynamic element to the T-Rex’s weapons.

(F) Gigantic Leap

Press the F key to exhibit a grand spectacle of Jurassic might. Leap into the air and forcefully descend upon enemies, creating a dramatic impact. You can unlock this thing when you reach 200 Mastery points. It makes the player’s offensive abilities stronger.

(V) Reptilian Scales

You can turn into a T-Rex by pressing the V key once you have earned 300 Mastery points. When the transformation happens, meteorites fall from the sky and hurt everyone nearby. Furthermore, the remaining moves in the list are granted a significant increase in damage.

Why do you need the Blox Fruits T-Rex Fruit?

In Roblox Blox Fruits, the T-Rex Fruit comes out as a strong game-changer. Even though it is quite expensive, the amazing experience of turning into a T-Rex, along with its impressive set of moves that can compete with action scenes in popular movies, makes it a highly desired possession. The question of whether it is worth the investment can be answered by considering the unmatched power of pure dinosaur strength. Below, we will give you some reasons that will help you to understand why you need the Blox Fruits T-Rex Fruit.

Dominant Transformations

When you reach 300 Mastery points, you can unlock the T-Rex transformation. This transformation lets you turn into a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex, which will make your enemies scared. This change not just looks cool but also leaves marks on enemies, causing damage based on how far they are.

Versatile Moveset

The Blox Fruits T-Rex Fruit has many different moves that it can do. Some of these moves are Claw Slashes, Tail Swipe, Predatory Screech, Hunter’s Rage, Gigantic Leap, and Reptilian Scales. These moves give you a lot of different ways to attack and control the crowd, which makes you really strong in battle.

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Chaining Combos

The M1 (Claw Slashes) move lets you do up to four light attacks smoothly, making it easy for you to connect combos. The smoothness in fighting makes you better at fighting in general.

Special Skills

Moves such as Predatory Screech have the ability to bring enemies closer and release a strong roar, which can disturb the strategies of the opposing team. Hunter’s Rage helps you dash through obstacles in a very cool way, and Gigantic Leap lets you do an awesome aerial attack. When Reptilian Scales change, they make meteorites fall from the sky and hurt everything around, causing damage in a wide area.

Strategic Advantage

The transformation of the T-Rex is not only for display; it gives strategic benefits. The Prey Marks, which cause damage based on distance, and the power to use powerful moves, make it perfect for players who prefer a sneaky but aggressive playstyle. This allows you to have control over the battlefield.


How does the T-Rex Fruit benefit players with a sneaky playstyle?

The T-Rex transformation is not just for show; it leaves Prey Marks on enemies and deals distance-dependent damage, making it ideal for players with a sneaky yet brutal approach.

What makes the T-Rex Fruit worth the investment despite its cost?

The T-Rex Fruit offers a versatile moveset, strategic advantages, and a visually impactful transformation. It serves as a status symbol within the Blox Fruits community, signifying mastery and commitment to the game.

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