Best Umbral Eyes in Lords of the Fallen



The best Umbral Eyes in Lords of the Fallen increase the stats for Umbral Lamp. Discover the best ways to equip them.

Lords of the Fallen is a dark fantasy adventure and souls-like RPG. The developers have incorporated new mechanics to this sequel. While exploring two realms, you come across traps, structures and quest items. Umbral Lamp, the quest item is used to teleport to the Umbral realm and manipulate traps. You can upgrade this lamp and enhance its stats using another mechanic called Umbral Eyes.

Umbral Eyes in Lords of the Fallen are relics or components that spawn in all major locations and you can collect them from NPCs as well. You can place Umbral Eyes to the Umbral realm and unleash new effects. Umbral Eyes in Lords of the Fallen grant two effects and are essential to tackle creatures in the hazardous Umbral world. So, find the best Umbral eyes to use in Lords of the Fallen.

 Umbral Eyes in Lords of the Fallen location
Umbral Eyes location

Top 10 Umbral Eyes in Lords of the Fallen

Umbral Eyes in Lords of the Fallen can be inserted to your Lamp and you will unlock stats from both primary and secondary sockets. Here are the best Umbral Eyes and their uses in Lords of the Fallen,

Umbral Eye of Betrayed Eliard

Travel to Abandoned Redcopse from Vestige of Marco the Axe. Go towards the right side and find the frozen gate with a bell. Now, you have to spawn to Umbral and Soulflay an enemy. After landing, descend down the platform and Soulflay the Umbral Belly and pick the Umbral Eye of Betrayed Eliard. This relic provides the following effects,

  • Main effect –  +1 Soulflay Charge, Dread Resistance is increased by 15%
  • Secondary effect – Healing is increased by 25% in Umbral

Umbral Eye of Lorelo the Cursed Knight 

Land in Pilgrim’s Perch and collect the Hammer of Holy Agony. Next, you have to cross the bone bridge. Here, you have to beat Shrouded Remnant and  Pilgrims. Next, travel through the wooden walkway and find an Umbral Belly. Soulflay this enemy and unlock the quest item.

 Umbral Eyes in Lords of the Fallen
  • Main effect – Soulflay stun duration will be increased 
  • Secondary effect – Dread Resistance is increased by 25%

Umbral Eye of Hooded Antuli 

This is one of the best Umbral Eyes that provides a huge boost. Travel to Fitzroy’s Gorge and Soulflay the first platform and reach the bridge. You have to pick an ammunition called Snake Oil Grenade from a body near the bridge and then get inside the following path. Reach the balcony and Soulflay enemies to get the item.

  • Main effect – This provides immunity to damage for 8 seconds after Umbral transition
  • Secondary Socket effect – This grants -20% withered health after Umbral transition

Umbral Eye of Ethryg

To get this, complete Find the Thief quest and meet Byron in Skyrest Bridge. When Byron comes along with Winterberry to the Crypt, you can speak to him and collect the component.

  • Main effect – Killi an enemy with a grievous strike and this will increase your item and resources drop rate 
  • Secondary effect – This will provide +10% item discovery rate along with +25% vigor multiplier once you spawn at Umbral Realm

Umbral Eye of Doln

Travel to The Empyrean and find the path where Womb of Despair guards Umbral Eggs. Soulflay enemies and pick the item

  • Main effect – All enemies within siphon range will be slowed temporarily and their movement speed gets reduced completely 
  • Secondary effect – This will  Siphon ability radius by +30%

Umbral Eye of Dieter 

To get this, reach the Vestige of Catrin and find the shortcut gate. Now, take the elevator  and find the wooden platform. Now, use the lantern skill and spawn directly in Umbral. Soulflay the target and collect the item from the platform

  • Main effect – Use the Block combat technique and increase your damage 
  • Secondary effect – This will provide +25% dread resistance in combat

Umbral Eye of Blind Agatha

Land in the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters and go towards the hallway near the red-lit doors. Cross the Umbral Flowerbed and find the roof. Walk further towards the bridge and find the umbral belly near the terrace and buildings. Slay it and pick the item,

  • Main effect – You can soulflay an enemy and pull all other enemies into your circle 
  • Secondary effect –  Regain Soulflay charge when landing in Umbral

Umbral Eye of Olleren

Reach Tower of Penance and spawn in Umbral. Find the Umbral enemy near a tower and kill it to collect this.

  • Main effect – Soulflay works in AoE range
  • Secondary effect – This provides 25% damage to enemy soul

Umbral Eye of Rosamund 

Travel to Pilgrim’s Perch and spawn near the Vestige of Blind Agatha. Cross the cavern and reach the lake. Soulflay the belly enemy and collect the reward

  • Main effect –  Dodge an attack rightly to apply Wither damage to enemies
  • Secondary effect – You will gain +15% withered health after striking enemies in Umbral

Umbral Eye of the Bloody Pilgrim

This is located in Upper Calrath. Reach the point of interest in the alley and enter the garden on your left side. Land in Umbral and Soulflay the belly. You can pick the reward from the platform

  • Main effect – Your Light attacks will inflict bonus damage and it will deal wither damage for a short time
  • Secondary effect – Use this to regain 15% withered health in Umbral. Strike an enemy and unleash the stats

These are the best Umbral Eyes to use in Lords of the Fallen. Traversing Umbral Realms can be tricky and your only way to survive is using the Umbral Lamp. Upgrade its stats and unlock bonus effects by adding these Umbral Eyes into your Umbral Lamp.


Which Realm is Dangerous in Lords of the Fallen?

Umbral Realm is very dangerous in Lords of the Fallen. Here, you will have to clear traps, obstacles and thorns. The enemies and bosses will be at higher levels and the locations are cursed. So, Umbral Realm is very dangerous when compared to the Axiom realm.

Is Cross Progression allowed in Lords of the Fallen?

No, Lords of the Fallen doesn’t have cross-progression. So, you can only play on a single platform every time. But there are plans to incorporate cross-progression and it will be soon revealed by the makers.

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