Best Steam Deals April 2024 – 5 Best Steam Sale 50% Off Games Right Now


Steam Sale 50% Off Games are here and worth the price as Steam is going all out with this massive sale.

Steam is back with its biggest Sale yet and there are enough titles for players to purchase and play on their systems. Let’s just say that this is great news for gamers as there are a wide range of games and genres on sale right. The number of games is overwhelming so it might be a task to search for the ones that players like.

Steam Sale 50% Off
Steam Cover

Some of these games are few of the most underrated Steam Games and the best part is that these games are categorized as cheap Steam Games under $5. This article shares the top 5 games that are at least 50% OFF on the Best Steam Deals April 2024. Some of these games are Hidden Gems on Steam so make sure to support Indie development game companies.

Steam Sale 50% Off- Scum

If you are into Zombie action games that focus on survival and scares, Scum might be the game for you. Released back in 2018, this is a hidden gem in the Zombie survival game genre. Get ready for guns guts and blood all over when you annihilate these Zombies with a wide range of weapons. Be sure creative with your kills.

Scum Cover

Steam Sale 50% Off- Monument Valley 2: Panoramic Edition

Welcome to the aesthetic side of gaming where art meets excellent gameplay. Monument Valley 2 is a creative gem of a game which flexes your brain muscles and is absolutely gorgeous. A simple game that is best for new players to pick up and play, this is an must play game for people of all ages.

capsule 616x353 23
Monument Valley Cover

Steam Sale 50% Off- Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Lets be honest, there is no intoduction required for the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. The game has won multiple game of the year awards and is the pinnacle of open world action RPG games and is one of the finest games released ever. Just buy this game if you have not experienced it yet.

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Cover

Steam Sale 50% Off- Overcooked 2

Fun chaotic gameplay with goofy characters and a bonkers “story”. This game is a must play for couch co-op fans and is arguably one of the funniest games that was ever made. Even though is has bare minimum dialogue, the gameplay and puzzles make this cooking game Overcooked 2 our personal one in this list.

maxresdefault 168
Overcooked 2 Cover

Steam Sale 50% Off- TOEM: A Photo Adventure

Toem is one of those games that is a true definition of simplicity at its best. The minimalistic art style with simple gameplay mechanics truly make this game very unique and one of the best indie games released this generation.

TOEM thumbnail no logo.0
Toem Screenshot

Make sure to check out other games on the Steam Store as well for great discounts.

Are all these games 50% Off?

Yes, all these games are at least 50% Off.

How many games are on sale?

There are at least 50-100 different titles on the Steam Sale right now.

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