Best Outfits and Cosmetics for Cal in Star Wars Jedi Survivor



You can customize Cal Kestis’ looks and hairstyle using outfits and cosmetics in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Scroll down to find out everything here.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor, the action game is back. The Star Wars series has launched many cult games and Jedi Survivor is sure to be on that list just for its fantastic features, visuals, and missions. Cal Kestis embarks on a new journey in the same galaxy. This sci-fi game has plenty of content and features. Cal Kestis has to unlock and complete missions on every planet to save the galaxy. 

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Apart from missions, puzzles, boss fights, and more challenges, there are plenty of things to explore in Jedi Survivor. Outfits and Cosmetics are available for Cal. There are more than 15 Outfits that include Jackets, Shirts, Pants, and more. There are also cosmetics for Cal. You can customize his hair and beard. All these can be unlocked at several locations. Some outfits and cosmetics are unlocked automatically once you play the game. To find out the best cosmetics and outfits for Cal Kestis in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, scroll down below here. 

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Outfits and Cosmetics

Purchase the best outfits and cosmetics. Customizing Cal’s looks will bring a different makeover. Here are the best Outfits that you can purchase and equip for Cal,

Star wars Jedi Survivor Outfits

Best Outfits for Cal Kestis

Rebel Hero Outfit – Those who have purchased the deluxe edition of Jedi Survivor will get access to this

  • Survivor Outfit – You can unlock this as a reward initially
  • Scoundrel Outfit – Purchase the Deluxe Edition to get this one
  • Scrapper Outfit – You can collect this at the basement of Pyloon’s Saloon, Koboh
  • Wanderer Jacket – Unlock a chest in Bygone Settlement to equip this
  • Wanderer Pants – Get to the Harvest Ridge on Koboh. You can unlock this from one of the available chests over there.
  • Wanderer Shirt – Unlock the chest in the Monastery Walls of Jedha Planet to purchase this shirt
  • Bomber Shirt – Equip this from the Hangar of Fort Kah’lin, Koboh.
  • Bomber Jacket – Get this from Hunter’s Quarry Chest
  • Tactical Jacket – Open the Derelict Dam chest to equip this outfit
  • Tactical Shirt – Open  Swindler’s Wash and purchase it
  • Tactical Pants – Open Smuggler Tunnels chest to equip this outfit
  • Hunter Shirt – Get this outfit from Basalt Rift or Forest Array chests
  • Hunter Jacket – Unlock the Hunter’s Quarry Chest 1
  • Hunter Pants – Open Chest 2 and Chest 4 in Basalt Rift and Forest Array
  • Poncho Jacket – Equip this from Fort Kah’nin’s chest
  • Poncho Outfit – Defeat  Spawn of Oggdo Boss and equip this from a crate
  • Jedi Robes – Complete Jedha Pilgrim’s Sanctuary quest to unlock this 
  • Duelist Jacket –  Rambler’s Reach Outpost and open second chest
  • Commander Jacket and Pants – Open Arid Flats chest in Jedha

Best Cosmetics for Cal Kestis 

The best cosmetics can be purchased for Priorite Shards from Doma’s shops and you can also equip them from several locations on the planet 

Hair – Crew Cut, Buzzcut, Bun Hair, Hawk, Headband, Mullet, Choppy Forward, Windswept, Shag, Survivor 

Beard – Full Goatee and Mustache, Goatee, Full Beard, Short Beard, Shaven, Short Goatee, Soul Patch, and Light Mustache and Patch

These are the best cosmetics for Cal Kestis that give him a perfect look in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. The locations for these cosmetics are here,

Choppy ForwardBygone Settlement 
Crew CutBasalt Rift
ShagRambler’s Reach Outpost
Buzzcut Rambler’s Reach Outpost
WindsweptRambler’s Reach Outpost
HawkRambler’s Reach Outpost
MulletDerelict Dam
Light Mustache and PatchMountain Ascent
BunRiverbed Watch 
Full Goatee and MustacheDevastated Settlement 
GoateeWinding Ravine
Full BeardMosey’s Shack, Southern Reach
Short Beard Gorge Crash Site
Short GoateeCorroded Silo

That’s everything you need to know about the best outfits and cosmetics for Cal Kestis in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Equip these outfits and customize Cal’s looks and flaunt them everywhere. We will come back with more Star Wars Jedi Survivor updates and guides soon. 

Star Wars has always been one of the best sci-fi adventure games. The latest release, Jedi Survivor, is iut. Here’s the official story glimpse video of Star Wars Jedi Survivor,

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