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Are you ready to fine-tune your character’s Lords of the Fallen skills? In this guide, we unveil the top skills and perks to help you build a formidable and unstoppable warrior in this action-packed RPG.

Lords of the Fallen in is a co-op RPG and fantasy adventure. Fighting against demons and creatures in the dual world needs the best strategies and equipment. The weapon system lets you pick melee and ranged weapons along with status effects, spells, and armor sets. Every class gets access to many skills and perks. There are six major skills or otherwise called as stats.

Stats are automatically unlocked once you begin the campaign. There are two types of stats, one is the primary stat and another is secondary. With these stats, you can increase your resistance against enemy’s attacks and enhance your skills as well. So, find out everything about Lords of the Fallen skills and ways to use them effectively.

Lords of the Fallen Skills – All You Need to Know

The six primary Lords of the Fallen skills are Strength, Vitality, Agility, Endurance, Radiance and Inferno. Each skill focuses on different aspects like healing, damage, defense and physical attacks. All these stats can be increased at a Vestige for some Vestige Seeds. Here’s how each skill functions,

Lords of the Fallen skills
  • Strength – The most important stat in Lords of the Fallen is strength. It increases Physical attacks and lets you deal colossal damage. It will also increase physical defense. Strength increases resistance against Wither, Holy, Fire and Physical.
  • Agility – Agility is another stat that increases your attacks. It also increases your ranged skills. You can use heavy agility-based weapons to maximize this skill. Agility increases your resistance against bleed and holy attacks
  • Inferno – This stat increases the skills for inferno spells and weapons. With higher inferno stats, the number of Mana is increased as well
  • Endurance – This is a vital stat to survive in the Umbral world. Endurance increases your stamina and ammunition. Endurance lets you hold heavy weapons and armor sets. Your energy levels will be high and movement speed gets boosted
  • Vitality – Vitality increases health, ammunition and weight. This stat ensures you survive for a longer time and it helps you carry heavy weight weapons and equipment.
  • Radiance – You can carry additional radiant spells and increase their stats. Radiance-type weapons gets extra attacks and this also increases your Mana

These are the primary Lords of the Fallen skills. Stats are attributes and come as starting skills for every class. You will get skill points for each character. Skill points can be allotted to these slots and you can upgrade stats using Vestige.

Secondary Stats in Lords of the Fallen

Primary stats focus on attacks and damage, while these secondary stats will improve your defense and health. Enhancing secondary stats can be highly effective especially in the Umbral realm of the game.

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  • Health – To endure heavy attacks and projectiles, you have to increase your Health stats. Sanguinarix, the consumable item can be utilized to increase your health. Also, by resting at Vestige Seedlings, your health points will be increased
  • Mana – Mana enhances magical powers for spells. You can increase it using Manastones or by enhancing the radiance and inferno stats. Resting at Vestige Seedlings is another best way
  • Stamina – Just like Health, Stamina is essential as well. Stamina increases your number of attacks and other combat techniques like blocking, dodging and parrying. Unripe Berries, this consumable can be used to retrieve lost Stamina and you can increase it using Endurance stats as well
  • Weight – Weight stats are essential to carry armor sets, weapons and gear items. The more the weight stats, the more weapons you can carry.
  • Defensive Stats – You will fight against enemies of all types. To withstand Wither, Fire, Physical and Holy damage, you have to increase your defense stats. Spend Vigor at Vestige Seedlings or increase your base stats to enhance defense

Lords of the Fallen offers various perks and skills apart from weapons. Stats are starting skills for classes. Increase your stats and dominate the game in both realms. Explore every location and slay monsters, this will help you farm more resources and quest items that can be used to increase character skills and stats.


Is Lords of the Fallen 2023 Different from the Previous Version?

Lords of the Fallen 2023 is a sequel and it begins 1000 years later from its predecessor. The challenges will be tricky and new melee weapons have been unveiled. LotF 2023 will be a dark fantasy game that supports two players in co-op mode. This RPG has fantastic visuals and intriguing stories. Play as an adventurer and begin your journey to slay demons in the realms.

How to Farm Umbral Scouring in Lords of the Fallen?

You can farm Umbral Scouring by defeating enemies and completing boss fights. They can be purchased from traders and NPCs. Also, you can open hidden treasure chests to farm these currency. In Lords of the Fallen, Umbral Scouring is your money that can be used to purchase all , weapons equipment and in-game resources.

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