Best Heavy Build in The Finals


Looking for the best heavy build in The Finals? Well, you are at the right place, we have the best build for you to slay in the game.

If you want to be a tank on your team in The Finals, the Heavy competitor build is the way to get there. The Heavy contestant gives you the weapons and tools you need to cause chaos and trouble, whether you’re trying to destroy your opponents or hold the line to protect your team. As part of this guide, we will look at the best heavy build in The Finals for Heavy players who want to make the most of their effect on the battlefield.


Best Heavy Build in The Finals

The ideal Heavy contestant build prioritizes durability and closing the gap between you and your adversaries. Here’s a breakdown of the best loadout for Heavy contestants:

Specialization: Mesh Shield

The Mesh Shield specialization is the cornerstone of the best heavy build in The Finals. It projects a frontal shield that you and your squadmates can shoot through. Given that many gameplay objectives involve defending points and banking money, the Mesh Shield is the ultimate solution for Heavy contestants. This specialization provides the most effective means of securing a point while ensuring your team’s survivability.

Weapon: M60

When it comes to weaponry, the M60 stands as a masterclass in the world of LMGs. It boasts a manageable recoil pattern, a commendable damage output, and a generous magazine size. While it may have a slightly slower reload time, the M60 excels at keeping sustained fire on your opponents, making it an invaluable asset for Heavy contestants.

Gadgets: Pyro Grenade, RPG-7, Barricade

Heavy contestants have access to a range of lethal gadgets designed to wreak havoc on the battlefield. Here are the top gadget choices for the Heavy class:

Pyro Grenade

The Pyro Grenade is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to area-of-effect damage. It excels at inflicting burning damage over a wide radius, making it the perfect choice for holding down a point and deterring opponents from advancing.


For those Heavy contestants who want to deal substantial damage to multiple opponents or reshape the combat area with a highly explosive weapon, the RPG-7 is the gadget of choice. Its ability to deliver devastating blows to enemy positions and create chaos on the battlefield is unmatched.


The Barricade is the third essential gadget for Heavy contestants. It allows players to set up defensive positions in doorways or strategic vantage points, providing cover while you unleash fire upon opposing teams. The Barricade is a key element for holding down objectives and controlling the flow of the battle.

Charge n Slam specialization
Charge n Slam specialization

Best Heavy Build in The Finals: Reserve

To further enhance your loadout, consider the following reserve options:

Weapon: Sledgehammer

People often don’t think much of the Sledgehammer, but it’s a secret gem in The Finals. If you want to get close to the fight, this heavy melee weapon is great for you. Even though it swings more slowly, it does a lot of damage and can quickly kill enemies. On top of that, it does damage in the arena, which lets you change the shape of the ground to your advantage.

Gadgets: Goo Grenade, Flashbang, Frag Grenade

The Goo Grenade is a great addition to your backup tools because it gives you another way to defend yourself. The Goo Grenade can slow down and stop your enemies from moving, making things even more difficult for them. Also, having both Flashbang and Frag Grenades in your arsenal gives Heavy competitors a balanced strategy. When the situation calls for it, these tools can be used to mess up enemy plans, blind enemies, and do massive damage.

Finally, the best Heavy build in The Finals is based on the Mesh Shield specialization, the M60 LMG, and a mix of offensive and defense gadgets. This loadout will help you do your job as the demolitionist and protect your squad well, making sure you win and take control of the fight.


What is the role of a Heavy contestant in The Finals?

The Heavy contestant is typically responsible for demolishing the enemy and providing defense for the team. They are equipped with powerful tools and armaments to disrupt opponents and protect their squad.

What is the best specialization for a Heavy contestant in The Finals?

The Mesh Shield specialization is considered the most effective choice for Heavy contestants. It projects a frontal shield that can be shot through by you and your squadmates, making it essential for defending points and maintaining survivability.

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