Best Guns in Arena Breakout – Weapon Tier List


Looking for the best Arena Breakout guns? This guide will help you find some of the best among all weapons that will help you to take down enemies easily.

Arena Breakout is a first-person shooter (FPS) game developed by MoreFun Studios and published by Level Infinite. The closed beta was released on Feb, 2023, and the game was released globally on July 14, 2023 for Android and iOS devices.The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players must fight to survive. They can choose to play solo or in teams of up to four players. The goal of the game is to extract from the combat area alive. Players can do this by collecting loot, completing objectives, and defeating enemies. Loot can be found in buildings, crates, and other areas around the map. 

Objectives vary depending on the game mode, but they can include things like planting a bomb, capturing a flag, or simply surviving for a certain amount of time. The game features a variety of game modes, including Classic, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Search and Destroy. 

Classic is a traditional battle royale mode where the last player or team standing wins. Team Deathmatch is a mode where two teams of players compete to score the most kills. Domination is a mode where teams must control strategic points on the map to earn points. Search and Destroy is a mode where one team must plant a bomb and the other team must defuse it. To defeat enemies easily, you need the best Arena Breakout guns. Below we will show you some of the best Arena Breakout guns

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Weapon Tier List – Arena Breakout Best Guns


The M4A1 is a highly versatile assault rifle that excels in close-range and long-range combat scenarios. Boasting a rapid rate of fire and exceptional accuracy, the M4A1 is the weapon for players seeking a gun that can handle any situation. Its adaptability makes it an invaluable asset on the battlefield. This is one of the best Arena Breakout guns that you should try out.


Hailing from Russia, the AK-74N is an assault rifle renowned for its sheer damage output. While it may have a slower rate of fire than the M4A1, this rifle is a force to be reckoned with in close-quarters and long-range engagements. Its potency makes it a formidable choice for players who prefer raw power over versatility.

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When it comes to close-quarters combat, the MP5 submachine gun reigns supreme. With a blistering rate of fire and substantial damage, the MP5 is tailor-made for intense encounters. Whether you prefer to rush your enemies or defend tight spaces, this weapon is your go-to option for up-close and personal engagements. When it comes to close range, MP5 is one of the best Arena Breakout guns.


The SVDS semi-automatic sniper rifle is an exceptional choice for those who prefer long-range engagements. Delivering great damage at a considerable range, the SVDS allows players to eliminate enemies from a distance with deadly precision. Its accuracy and power make it an indispensable tool for players specializing in sharpshooting. If you are looking for snipers, then this is one of the best Arena Breakout guns.

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The RPK-16 is a reliable light machine gun that excels in both close-range skirmishes and long-range battles. Armed with a high rate of fire and formidable damage, the RPK-16 offers players a potent weapon capable of handling various combat scenarios. Its versatility ensures that you’re always prepared for any situation.


These five guns represent just a fraction of the impressive arsenal available in Arena Breakout. With countless other weapons awaiting discovery, players must experiment and find the weapons that best suit their playstyle. Whether you favor agility, power, precision, or adaptability, Arena Breakout has the perfect gun to match your preferences. Gear up, hone your skills, and prepare to dominate the battlegrounds with your weapon of choice!

Remember, victory in Arena Breakout is not solely determined by the gun you wield but by your strategy, teamwork, and individual skill. So assemble your squad, strategize your approach, and rise to the top of the leaderboards in this thrilling new game. Embrace the challenge, embrace the firepower, and let Arena Breakout ignite your gaming journey like never before.

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