NBA analyst Skip Bayless has drawn comparisons between James Harden and LeBron James over their contract extensions.

Recently, LeBron James‘ Los Angeles Lakers haven’t had much luck. The Lakers suffered two terrible seasons after capturing a title while in the NBA bubble. Their two first-round victories were their biggest achievements since then.

James has been a member of the Lakers for the last four years, and his contract still has one more year on his current deal. However, the four-time NBA champion is now qualified for a contract extension as of Thursday, August 4.

NBA analyst Skip Bayless thinks the 18-time All-Star should forego some of his compensation in order to help his team advance and capture yet another championship.

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"At least he waved an olive branch to the Sixers fans" - Skip Bayless tries to draw parallels between James Harden and LeBron James over contract extentions 2

LeBron James will benefit the Lakers and himself, in Bayless’ opinion, with this action. After all, taking a wage cut would be a wise decision if he wanted to win another ring.

Tim Duncan and Tom Brady, two outstanding players who sacrificed their salaries to support their teams, were mentioned by Skip Bayless. They both chose to take pay cutbacks in their late 30s, and this decision paid off.

Despite just having played with the Philadelphia 76ers for a short while, James Harden has also reduced his salary. The squad has greatly profited from Harden’s transfer, despite the fact that he is not as dominant as James.

The Lakers’ predicament is dire, and this summer’s roster additions haven’t helped. LeBron James wants to win, but it’s nearly impossible with the current lineup, especially given how other teams have progressed.

The possibility exists that the four-time MVP will take a pay cut once more after he did so by joining the Miami Heat in 2010.

A two-year deal that would pay LeBron James nearly $97 million is possible. The agreement would keep him with the Lakers through 2025 because he is also owed $44.5 for the upcoming season. James will receive more than $141 million in compensation for his efforts as a result.

James will turn 38 in December, and time is running out to win a fifth championship. It would be an incredible accomplishment for LeBron James to retire with four championship rings, but he wants to win at least one more.

The Lakers forward is in his late 30s, yet he is still playing at a high level. Even better, he averaged 30.3 points per game last season, ranking him among the league’s top scorers.

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