Kane and The Undertaker formed one of the greatest storylines in WWE history but were they real-life brothers?

Badd Blood 1997 will forever be remembered for one moment where Kane came out to cost The Undertaker a win in the Hell in a Cell match.

This reveal had been building up for a while after Taker attacked Paul Bearer and his protege, Mankind.

Kane with Paul Bearer and Mankind
Kane (C) with Paul Bearer (L) and Mankind (WWE)

Taker had been brought to WWE by Bearer but that relationship was rockier than the peaks of the Himalayas.

Bearer had spoken about revealing Taker’s darkest secret and finally revealed it before Badd Blood. The legendary manager claimed Taker had a younger half-brother, Bearer’s son, and the Deadman had burned the entire family down by Kane survived.

The Big Red Machine was unbeatable after making his WWE debut and The Undertaker admitted that he did burn down the house with Kane’s family.

Kane is one of the greatest WWE stars of all-time
Kane is one of the greatest WWE stars of all-time (WWE)

Kane and Taker, later on, teamed up as the Brothers of destruction but their relationship is still something that some wrestling fans are unsure about.

Are Kane and The Undertaker real-life brothers?

The short answer is no. The pair are not related in any way, shape or form. Undertaker, real name Mark William Calaway, and Kane, real name Glenn Thomas Jacobs, joined WWE in different stages and both needed time to come up with their best gimmicks.

While Taker’s Deadman persona was a life-saver for him, WWE worked hard to create Jacob’s Kane persona and his debut was a hit as it told another story of Taker’s.

Kane and the Undertaker
Kane and The Undertaker teamed up to be called the Brothers of Destruction (WWE)

Kane and Taker formed The Brothers of Destruction and won a couple of tag titles. They also had multiple reigns as WWE Champion and dominated the wrestling business in the late 90s and early 2000s.

However, Taker does have four older brothers with one of them passing away in March 2020. Kane didn’t have any siblings though both have had contrasting careers after their WWE runs.

Undertaker has made fleeting appearances in WWE and recently retired after Survivor Series 2020. He is now married to former WWE star Michelle McCool but has been married twice in the past too.

The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30
The Undertaker is a legend in the WWE (WWE)

He has invested in real estate and also established a fund to treat large-breed dogs at Texas A&M.

Kane, for his part, became Knox County in 2018 and runs for the Republican party. Jacobs is married to Crystal Goins and the pair have two daughters. Kane has also worked as an insurer.

The Undertaker and Kane were two of the most destructive storyline brothers in WWE, and we may never see a pair like them ever again.

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