All Taego Secret Room Locations in PUBG



Secret Rooms in PUBG reward the players with many loots. Check our guide to find the secret room locations in Taego Map and get more healing items.

Taego Map in PUBG is the 8th playable map in the game. Taego Map environment has been designed based on the early 1980s with many Combat locations, Arena, Shops, and Secret Room. Secret Room in Taego Map offers various Guns, Ammo, Crates, Medical Kits, and Throwable. To get these items from the secret rooms in Taego, you need to find all the locations and then use the keys to unlock the secret rooms. Secret Room has been the best addition to PUBG as it offers the players with lots of healing items. For those who are finding it difficult to find the Taego Secret Room locations, here’s our guide to help you unlock various items and resources in PUBG.

Taego Secret Room Locations

Here are the Secret Room locations to find some amazing loot and items in PUBG.

  • In the north of Taego, find one near the big house
  • On the dirt road near the East of Taego you can find one with a big roof on it
  • Towards the south of the hills, find it near the river or behind the trees
  • Find one near the trees in the southeastern part of Taego
  • One near the airport zone
  • One close to the south of the river
  • In the large buildings on Asphalt Road
  • Find the Taego secret room locations by breaking the breakable pots
  • Find some secret rooms in the three-way junction
  • Find near all the buildings
  • Find near the water spot in Taego
  • Find one near the farmland
  • One in the blue zone Grenade

These are the major locations in Taego where you can find secret room. Apart from these spots, you can explore every location on the Taego Map. And make sure that you have enough secret room keys to unlock the secret room in PUBG.

Taego Secret Room Locations
Taego Secret Room Locations

Available Loots in Taego Secret Rooms

You can find all these items in the secret rooms in Taego

  • Healing Items
  • Care Package Items
  • Scopes
  • Armor
  • Throwables
  • Weapons
  • Consumables
  • Attachments
  • Self AED
  • Ammo (rarely)

How to open Secret Rooms in Taego?

As mentioned, you need some hidden keys to open the secret rooms in Taego. The hidden keys will spawn in every spot in Taego. You need to procure these few hidden keys to open the secret rooms in Taego to get access to all loots and healing items in PUBG. Taego Secret Room has the best set of items that will help you to complete the missions in PUBG.

With this our PUBG Taego Secret Room guide is done. Find the secret rooms in Taego and get new loot to progress faster in the game. We will be back with more PUBG updates soon.

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