All Stardust Locations in Legend of Dragoon


Are you looking for the Legend of Dragoon Stardust Locations? Well, you are at the right place because we have listed all the locations for you.

There are tons of Stardust in Legend of Dragoon. There are many players who are finding it difficult to get all the Legend of Dragoon Stardust Locations. Do not worry because we are here to help you out. In this guide, we will give you all Legend of Dragoon Stardust Locations from different chapters. Each location and where you can find it specifically is mentioned in the tables below. So without wasting any more time, read all the Legend of Dragoon Stardust Locations below.

Acquiring stardust
Acquiring stardust

All Legend of Dragoon Stardust Locations

Chapter 1

Stardust NumberLocationWhere to Find
1SelesThe second headstone from the right
2BaleThe well in front of Lavitz’s house
3BaleThe spears in the weapon shop
4BaleThe kitchen in Lavitz’s house
5Indels CastleYou can return to the city by turning a wheel underneath the castle. Give the Good Spirits you bought from the tavern next to the inn to the man under the big fountain. Follow the path. Climb into the boat, and when the captain asks you to get off, do so. Check the far end of the room.
6Indels CastleThe fireplace in the basement of the castle
7Indels CastleThe upper left area of the third floor, one level below the throne room
8HoaxThe fireplace in the basement of the house to the left of the meeting room with Kaiser
9HoaxThe left-hand corner of the room where you meet with Kaiser
10Seventh FortThe fireplace next to the entrance
11LohanBehind the bookshelf in the house two left of the inn
12LohanThe suit of armor in Dabas’s shop
13LohanThe basket to the left in the area outside the tournament tent
14LohanThe barrel next to the town entrance
15KazasBetween the barrels in the first house on the left
16KazasThe mess up the ladder in the first house on the right
17KazasLeft of the counter in the weapon shop
18KazasThe bookcase in the first area of wooden houses
19KazasThe barrels to the left of the entrance in the second area of wooden houses
20KazasBetween the barrels above and to the left of Stardust 19

Chapter 2

Stardust NumberLocationWhere to Find
21FletzThe wine bottles outside the bar entrance (above the inn)
22FletzThe table on top of the house next to the church
23FletzThe bottom left corner of the weapon shop
24FletzThe bottom left pile of jewels in the jewelry shop
25FletzThe bottles lying in front of the oversized telescope in the item shop
26DonauThe decorative puddle of water to the left of the town entrance
27DonauThe mayor’s sink
28Twin CastleThe suit of armor to the right of the entrance
29Twin CastleThe “thing” in the middle of the room at the base of Lisa’s tower
30Home of GigantosThe torch to the right of the “throne” where you fought Gehrich (easy to miss)
31Queen FuryThe box just below where Kongol is standing below deck
32Queen FuryThe pipe to the right when you just go into the rooms with three entrances
33LidieraThe bookshelf to the right after descending the into the inn (easy to miss)
34FuenoThe painting in the hospital
35FuenoBetween the barrels under the stairs in the inn

Chapter 3

Stardust NumberLocationWhere to Find
36FurniThe pile of stuff inside the house just to the right after disembarking from the Queen Fury
37FurniAfter speaking with the mayor, the next day go out to the right and enter the house. Go up the stairs and pull the cord by pressing X when prompted. Go through the doorway and down the slide. Check the metal basin there, then pull the lever to open the door and exit.
38NeetThe lamp to the right of the path (easy to miss)
39Forest of WingliesThe bookshelf to the right in Guaraha’s house
40Forest of WingliesThe right pillar just before confronting the Elder Bardel
41DeningradOn the mat where weapons are displayed
42DeningradSame as Stardust 41
43DeningradThe circular structures next to the treatment light above the inn
44Crystal PalaceBroken path to Shana’s old room
45Crystal PalaceBroken entrance to the strange room where Shana lost her Dragoon Spirit
46VellwebThe back of the room in the tower just above the save point (easy to miss)
Acquiring stardust
Acquiring stardust

Chapter 4

Stardust NumberLocationWhere to Find
47UlaraThe roses
48UlaraThe barrels in the top of the weapon shop
49UlaraThe mouth of the strange plants
50RougeThe pot on the right in the room past Martel’s room

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