All Stable Locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom



Check our guide to find out all Stable locations in Tears of the Kingdom. Also, find out the best uses of stables here.

Many features from Breath of the Wild have been returned to  Tears of the Kingdom as well. Right from weapons to locations,  materials to resources, everything is available. A Stable in Tears of the Kingdom is a kind of hub or camp where you can register a horse, collect resources, rest, and retrieve. Stables are located in almost every place of Hyrule. But some Stable locations have been closed temporarily.

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You can also sell items, cook recipes, and complete some side quests. Locating every stable can be a tricky challenge for Link. But these stables have been effective, especially for your horses. As of now, there are only limited stables. Here’s all about Tears of the Kingdom Stables and their locations.

Tears of the Kingdom Stable Locations

Tears of the Kingdom Stable Locations Guide

Right from Akkala to Lanayru, you can find stables across all Hyrule locations on the map. Here’s where you can find all Stable tents in Tears of the Kingdom.

Horse Riding in Tears of the Kingdom
Horse Riding in Tears of the Kingdom
  • Get to the Northeast region of Akkala. Find the Ancient Tech Lab and from there you can find the stable easily. 
  • Get to the Death Mountains, Akkala Highlands in the South of Akkala. Here you can find another Stable camp.
  • Make your way to the Tabantha Bridge and find the Snowfield Stable in the North of Hebra. Meet Varke, the stable owner and get access immediately.
  • You can find the Gerudo Canyon stable by getting to the desert in Gerudo Wasteland. You can find the stable on ground level
  • Get to the Kakariko Bridge in Dueling Peaks. The next stable is located in the middle of this location.
  • Get to the South of the Central Hyrule region. Fast travel to the Aquame Lake and then you can find the Outskirt Stable towards the west side of the lake.
  • Make your way to the Hylia River in Central Hyrule. You can find the next Central Hyrule stable located near Batrea Lake.
  • Get to the Lanayru tower on the southeast of Lanayru and here you can find the Wetland Stable.
  • You can find the Foothill Stable in Eldin Canyon closer to Cephla Lake.
  • You can find the Tabantha Bridge stable in the southwest of Hyrule Ridgeland.

These are the best locations to find Stables in Hyrule region. More stables will be unlocked as you progress in the game.

Tears of the Kingdom Stables – All Uses

Here’s what you can do in these locations,

  • You can register your horses in Stables. For doing this, you have to meet owners in the same locations
  • You can cook some delicious dishes. You can find cooking pots in almost every stable
  • Unlock side adventure quests. Apart from regular shrines, you can play these challenging quests
  • Sell items and buy resources and ingredients from Beedle, the Merchant.
  • Link can also rest and sleep peacefully at these tent camps for a while after completing some challenging missions or shrine quests
  • Collect Pony Point cards and claim some new rewards and resources in exchange 
  • You can increase your hearts. Sleep on any bed to restore all hearts for Link  
  • Purchase new weapons by trading some items with NPC 

These are the best uses of Stable in Tears of the Kingdom. Once you find a Stable, register your horses for 20 rupees and then you can get access to all exclusive rewards and other resources in all Stables. Stable is a returning feature and more similar features are available. Make use of all these to progress in the game. 

That’s everything you need to know about the Tears of the Kingdom Stables and their locations. Find all stables and increase your resources in inventory. We will come back with more Tears of the Kingdom updates and guides soon. 

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