All Heart of Fire Journal Locations in Sea of Thieves


To help you have a more efficient gaming experience and faster progression we bring you this guide to find all the Heart of Fire Journal pieces in Sea of Thieves.

In Sea of Thieves, a multiplayer action-adventure game, released in 2018 by Microsoft Studios you can play with friends and become a pirate and explore the vast Seas to uncover hidden secrets and treasures. There are also a lot of secrets in these Seas like the Heart of Fire Journals.

A pirate is always on the lookout for rare and hidden gems, and completing these quests with your friends is more fun. The game draws inspiration from other open-world multiplayer games like Rust and Eve Online. Heart of the Fire Journal is a rare treasure quest that can be difficult for one.

Finding The Heart of Fire Journals

You need to travel to Morrow’s Peak Outpost and speak with Tallulah in the Charred Parrot. We suspect that the journal in her possession may be the key to learning more. Heart of Fire is the latest Tall Tale in the epic Flameheart saga in the Sea of Thieves.

As with all the tall tales, Heart of fire has five journals for you to locate. These have been written by Stitcher Jim, which gives more insights into their tall tales. We will unlock the secrets hidden in these journals

Quest Locations

Morrow’s Peak Outpost, Lair’s Backbone, and Devil’s Thirst. There are a total of five journals.

  • The Lair’s Hideout
  • The Three Paths
    1. The path of the Eternal King
    2. The path of the Forsaken Flame
    3. The path of the Burning Heart

Order of Events

The Lair’s Hideout

heart of fire first journal
First Journal

The first Journal is located in Liar’s Backbone. To be more specific located in Stitcher Jim’s Hideout on Liar’s Backbone. The image above will help you with the exact location.

The Devil’s Thirst

heart of fire second journal
Second Journal

For the second location, you need to travel to The Devil’s Thirst. Pass through the secret entrance to Flameheart’s Lair on the north side of The Devil’s Thirst.

Passing through the pools of water and rocky pathways. The pathway divides into three different paths blocked by a large gate. You will find the Journal of Disorder of Souls, the 2nd Part of the Heart of Fire journal Quest.

The Path of the Eternal King

heart of fire third journal
Third Journal

In the Chest of Rage journal can be found in the path of Eternal King. As you progress towards the Heart of Fire Journal subsequently Chest of Rage can be found on the left path. In the catacombs below Devil’s Thirst, where we encountered the three gateways.

The Path of the Forsaken Flame

heart of fire fourth journal
Fourth Journal

The Bye Bye Blackwyche Journal, the fourth journal, is located in the Path of Forsaken Flames. There will be a pile of skulls and among the waves of skeletons, you can find the journal. After a skeleton fight room, there will be a chamber filled with skulls.

The Path of the Burning Heart

heart of fire final journal
Final Journal

The final journal in our quest to Heart of Fire Journal, on the Path of Burning heart. There are layout traps in the path so watch out for spikes from walls. There are two safe zones in the corridor where you can wait for the spike to protrude and recede.

This is will conclude our Heart of Fire Journal guide, hope it was helpful for you. Follow the guide to complete the quest.

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