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You can easily unlock the Hand Glider item in Sons of the Forest. Check our guide to know the best locations to get one 

There are plenty of items and resources in Sons of the Forest. You need to unlock every item to travel across the island and survive against cannibals. Right from 3D Printers to Night Vision Goggles, every item has been useful in various ways for all survivors. Some items are used to complete missions and others are required to survive. Hand Glider is an essential and unique item. Whenever you are flying, a Hand Glider item can be used and you need to equip it every time as this item won’t be available in inventory. 

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Hand Gliders are available in many locations around the island and finding one is quite an easy task. With a Hand Glider item, you can traverse faster and your chances of falling remain zero. You can also jump from a higher position using this item. After landing down, the glider will stop working and you can keep it in a random place and mark it on a GPS tracker. To those who are looking for Hand Glider locations in Sons of the Forest, here’s our guide with all the best locations to find one.

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Sons of the Forest Hand Glider Locations & Uses

The Hand Glider is an incredible item for flying across mountains and snowy regions. Here’s where you can get Hand Glider in the game,

Sons of the Forest Hand Glider
  • Climb the mountains in the middle of the map and find one near a snowy cliff which is in front of two red tents
  • You can get one on the west side of the beach where you can also find Binoculars
  • Find one near a cliff in snowy mountains. You can find the item near abandoned white tents
  • Find one in the island’s center place where there’s also a camp and river
  • Get to the southern area on the map near a river and unlock the item near a cannibal camp
  • Get to the southwest on the map and find one near a pond and cliff
  • Get to the southern part of the map. Find a nearby river and you can grab the item near a ridge
  • Get to the lake in the eastern region of the island and find another glider near a small cliff

These are the best locations to find and unlock Hand Glider items. You can also explore other parts of islands and snowy mountains to get more. Caves and camps are other best spots to obtain a Hand Glider. You can equip the glider and this won’t be stored in inventory like other items in the game.

How to Use Hand Glider in Sons of the Forest?

The Hand Glider is an excellent item and you can use it with the right controls. Get to a random spot where there is more space and elevation. You need to fly to a higher position and then get down to use the glider once again.

Tap on the Space button to jump to a high level and the best places to use Hand Glider items are Mountains, Cliffs, and Snowy Hills. Keep holding the jump button to traverse across locations and land on the ground or trees to stop it. Then you need to keep it safely nearby camps and use GPS Tracker to locate it next time on the map.

That’s everything you need to know about Hand Glider locations and their uses in Sons of the Forest. Unlock the item and fly across the island safely. We will come back with more Sons of the Forest updates and guides soon.

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