All Daedalian Key Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

hogwarts legacy Daedalian Key locations

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You can complete the Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian Key side quest by finding out all the Daedalian Key locations from our latest guide.

Hogwarts Legacy is getting ready for its grand launch. The story and quests of Hogwarts Legacy will take place in the house that you choose. The Daedalian Key quest is one of the primary quests that will be unlocked as soon as you enter the house in Hogwarts Legacy. To complete the Daedalian Key side quest, you need to acquire all the Daedalian keys which are located in different places. As of now, you need to find 16 Daedalian Keys that are scattered around the house and castle. These Daedalian keys are flying keys and locating them will be a challenging task. The 16 keys will be in and around the castle and other places.

The flying keys will be floating around the cabinet on the castle ground. You need to interact with Nellie to know about the Daedalian keys. The Daedalian keys or house tokens will help you to open the cabinet, and chests from the common room, and also complete the Daedalian Key side quest. To find the 16 house tokens in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to search in every place as they also have flying wings. Getting all 16 Daedalian keys will unlock a new reward from the house chest in the common room and you will also complete the Daedalian Key side quest in the game. Here’s our guide with all the Daedalian key locations in Hogwarts Legacy to help you get started in the game.

Every Daedalian Key Location in Hogwarts Legacy

Here are all the locations to find the 16 Daedalian Keys and complete the quest.

Astronomy Wing

Finding the first Daedalian Key is easy. Make your way to the Astronomy Tower zone and find the first one at the top of the tower in Floo Flame. Remember that the keys can fly and you can follow the key till it reaches the cabinet.

Astronomy Tower

Find the next Daedalian key at the waypoint near the astronomy Tower. The key will be outside the classroom. This key is also very closer to the first Daedalian key location.

Grand Staircase

Visit the grand staircase zone after passing through the reception hall and make your way to Floo Flame. Find the next key near the puzzle door which is closer to the grand staircase zone.

Entrance Hall

Visit the eastern hall and move towards the boar statue. Next, you can find the Daedalian Key after reaching the top of the entrance hall stairs.

Quad Courtyard

To reach this zone, walk through the defense against the dark arts tower zone. Walk through the stone staircase and the next daedal key closer to the Levioso statue.

Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian Keys
Daedalian Key

Great Hall

Find the double doors room in the Great Hall. Cross the puzzle door near the floo flame and find the next Daedalian key near the entrance of the area, it will also take you to the next cabinet.


Visit the Library and find the next Daedalian key near the sitting bench at the entrance of the library hall. To be more precise, find the key near the back wall.

Potion Classroom

This is one of the easy spots to acquire a Daedalian key. Make your entry to the potion classroom and find one near the wall or outside the classroom

Clock Tower

To get the Daedalian Key in the clock tower zone, you also need Alohamora Spell. Make your way to the dueling club zone and find the next key after taking the stairs.

Perfect’s Bathroom

Find the next Daedalian key near the perfect’s bathroom entrance area, look for the key near the corridor or on the walls

Viaduct Courtyard

The next Daedalian key can be obtained near the central flame zone after passing through the Viaduct Courtyard bridge. Visit Floo Flame and take the stairs, and find the floating key under the stairs.

Magic Hallway

Find the next key in the history of the magic classroom. Walk across the double doors, reach the classroom floo flame, and find the key

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House Chest

Map chamber

You can find one key outside the map chamber zone. Walk towards the dragon statue, and find the room with wooden casks. Find the next key near the stone pillar.

Rhinoceros Skeleton

Visit the astronomy wing, move towards the transfiguration Floo Flame, find the stairs and you will be able to spot one near the rhinoceros skeleton


Find one near the hallway, visit Floo Flame, and move towards the hospital wing area. Find the next key in the hallway entrance just closer to the hospital wing area

Central Hall

Make your way to the fountain and look for the painting wall. You can find the next Daedalian key near the central hall which is also close to the Potions classroom

These are all the 16 Daedalian Key locations to unlock the house chest, and cabinets, and complete the Daedalian Key side quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Find the Daedalian keys from the locations mentioned in our guide and walkthrough. We will be back with more Hogwarts Legacy guides and tips.

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