All Binocular Locations in Sons of the Forest



Here are the best locations to obtain Binoculars in Sons of the Forest. Binoculars will help you to locate enemies from long range.

The challenges in Sons of the Forest can only be completed with weapons and equipment. The survival horror adventure has unleashed umpteen features and items. To survive on a remote island, players require weapons, companions, and resources. Apart from these, the in-game items will be your best companion. GPS Tracker, Tent, and 3D Printers are all essential for completing campaign missions. You can also equip armor.  Binocular is another primary equipment that will help you to identify enemies like cannibals and animals from a far distance. The binocular is hard to trace and only available in certain locations on the map.

A Binocular is an effective item that will help you locate many enemies and this will automatically help you to prepare for battles. Binocular is only available in limited locations on the map. You can also get other items like Camouflage Suits and 3D printers while looking for Binocular. To those who are struggling to find binoculars in Sons of the Forest, here are all the best ways and locations to track and obtain binoculars in the game.

How to Find Binocular in Sons of the Forest?

The biggest advantage of Binocular is that you can track foes from a longer range. But these items are only available in limited spots on the map. Here is how you can get them in Sons of the Forest,

Travel across the northwest on the island and locate the rebreather cave where several crates are scattered. Find the binocular at the Red Kayak which is also so closer to the shotgun location.

Next, you can find near a beach in the same location. You will also additionally find a Camouflage Suit. Follow the marker on the GPS tracker and find the binocular. Find the next binocular near the Red Kayak on the beach shore.

These are the only locations to find a Binocular in Sons of the Forest. More locations will be added soon. You can also use the camouflage suit for completing missions. Make sure to loot crates and other resources to maximize your inventory. All these can be your trump card in quests. Here’s how to use it in the game.

Binocular sons of the forest
Binocular Locations

After getting one you can get binocular from the inventory tab. Find nearby objects and cannibals that spawn during missions. The binocular will help you to trace foes and you can zoom them from a distance. You can also identify animals and nearby POIs using binoculars. Overall, the binocular is a useful item in Sons of the Forest. You can hand over the Binocular to Virginia during small challenges. 

Find and get binocular in Sons of the Forest in these locations. We will come back with more Sons of the Forest updates and guides soon. 

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