AFK Arena Tier List – Best Character of Each Class (September 2023)



AFK Arena has many heroes from different classes. Check our AFK Arena Tier list to find the best characters from each class in the game.

AFK Arena from LilithGames is a popular fantasy RPG. This turn-based role-playing game is in the top 10 highest-grossing RPGs list. A turn-based combat where you can engage in PvP, multiplayer co-op, Single-player, and other in-game modes. More than a hundred heroes from 7 different factions are available. You can get your desired hero in the Reroll process before starting to play the main challenges in AFK Arena. The gameplay includes Roguelike elements and the survival mode battles in Esperia will happen for a long time.

Play the campaign and main story challenges, and battle against the ancient Hypogeans, the monsters in the Realm of Esperia. You will unlock different rewards and challenges as you progress in the campaign mode challenges of AFK Arena. If you are looking for the best heroes to use in the AFK Arena battles, here’s our AFK Arena Tier List with all the best heroes in each class.

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AFK Arena Tier List

Mage Tier List

SAinz Ooal Gown, Vyloris, Zaphrael, Belinda
AMehira, Lorsan, Pippa, Morael, Leonardo, Shemira, Eluard
BSafiya, Skriath, Isabella, Oden, Solise
CSatrana, Solise, Flora, Theksu

Ranger Tier List

SAwakened Thane , Lucretia, Prince of Persia, Athalia
AJoker, Kren, Gwyneth, Nakoruru, B Lyca, Ezio, Ferael
BC Drez, Kaz, Fawkes, Cecilia, Oscar, Raku, Vurk, D Kelthur
C Tidus, Respen, C Drez

Support Tier List

SPalmer, Elijah and Lailah, Mortass, Rowan, Raine
ALeofric, Desira, C Nemora, Merlin
BNumisu, Arden
CD Peggy, Tasi, Arden, Rosaline

Tank Tier List

SSonja, Skreg, Ruke, Titus
ACanisa, Gorvo, Torne
BThoran, C Orthris, Anoki, D Brutus
CHendrik, Anoki, Mezoth, Grezhul Lucius

Warrior Tier List

SAnasta, Nara, Wu Kong, D Khasos
AZolrath, D Khasos, Seirus, Baden, B Queen
BBaden, Izoid, Rigby
CAlna, Saurus
  • S Tier – S Tier heroes are the best in-game characters in AFK Arena. You can use them for any gaming mode or battle. The chances of winning will increase marginally with the S Tier heroes.
  • A Tier – A Tier heroes have very good stats and skills. Utilize A Tier heroes for PvP and Co-op Multiplayer battles in AFK Arena.
  • B Tier – B Tier heroes have decent stats and skills. Use B Tier characters for all the PvP battles in AFK Arena
  • C Tier – C Tier heroes are weaker and vulnerable against every enemy. Upgrade them to use for the battles in AFK Arena.

AFK Arena – Best Characters in Each Class

Here are the best heroes from each class in AFK Arena to use for combat.

Ainz Ooal Gown (Mage Class)

Ainz Ooal Gown is a top-tier Mage class and intelligence-based hero. Ainz Ooal Gown comes from the dimensional faction and is one of the best Mage heroes in the game. The hero uses an ultimate skill named Fallen Down to deal huge damage to all kinds of opponents. This skill allows him to cast a chant that will deal magical damage up to 400% for 10 seconds. Overall, Ainz Ooal Gown is a powerful Mage tank in AFK Arena.

AFK Arena Tier List

Vyloris (Mage Class)

Vyloris is another intelligence-based mage tank. Vyloris is a primary burst damage tank from the Hypogean faction. Vyloris has high HP and ATK stats. Cruel Endeavours is Vyloris’ ultimate skill that can stop your opponents’ powers with a  Cursed Aura. Cursed Agony is another skill that will allow Vyloris to deal 200% attack in both short and long-range.

Awakened Thane (Ranger Class)

The Veiled Wind Thane is an agility-based Ranger hero. Thane plays the burst damage role and he comes from the Lightbearer faction. Thane is a faster troop and can attack faster in AoE and range. Thane has wind’s edge as his ultimate skill to rise his attack rating per damage by 350%. Overall, Thane is an excellent choice for the PvP mode challenges in AFK Arena.

Joker (Ranger Class)

Joker is a cross-over character from Persona 5. Joker from the dimensional faction is an agility-based Ranger hero. Joker has the ability to change his faction against every enemy. Joker’s special skill Maeigaon summons Arsène which will also deal around 260% damage for a short duration.

AFK Arena Tier List

Talene (Support Class)

Talene is the best support hero from the Celestial faction. The agility-based tank with high HP provides a buff to her allies. Talene uses her special skill Meteor Shower to summon meteorites to deal 200% damage to single-target enemies. Talene can restore her health and can sacrifice her attack rating to provide HP to her troops.  Fire Born is her other skill which transforms her into a phoenix till the battle ends. And her health will be converted to a powerful shield.

Palmer (Support Class)

Palmer from the Lightbearer faction is an intelligence-based support hero. Palmer is the best buffer of the Support Class in AFK Arena. Exalt the light skill allows palmer to provide a 40% crit damage buff to his allies.

Sonja (Tank Class)

Sonja, the agility-based Tank hero from Lightbearer Faction plays the role of a buffer. Sonja provides her allies with the Gold Roses skill, which allows her troops to receive less than 50% damage. Sonja can be used for PvP and co-op battles.

Titus (Tank Class)

Titus from the celestial faction is a strength-based Tank hero. Titus is a massive defensive tank and also protects his allies. Titus has two forms, Dormant and Active state. The dormant state gives Titus and his troops full protection and shield. While the active state boosts his damage-dealing skills. Temple Guardian provides 35% extra shield protection for a short duration. Overall Titus is one of the best defensive tanks in AFK Arena. You can include Titus in the Multiplayer mode battles of AFK Arena to strengthen your defense.

Anasta (Warrior Class)

The strength-based Warrior hero from the Mauler Faction plays the continuous damage dealer role. Anasta has excellent ATK and DMG stats. Anasta’s Spiral Cleave skill breaks opponents’ shield protection and deals 200% damage. Her Mauler’s Prowess skill increases damage rating up to 350%. Overall, Anasta is a top-tier Warrior hero and you can utilize it for all PvP and co-op challenges.

Zolrath (Warrior Class)

The agility-based Warrior from the Hypogean is an Assassin. Zolrath has a special skill that allows his future version to accompany him in the game’s battles. This is his deja vu skill that other heroes in AFK Arena don’t boast. Time Rift skill allows Zolrath to restore his HP at the expense of his energy points. Doppelganger is his ultimate skill that will unleash his future self, both of them can deal up to 50% damage for a while to any particular enemy. Again, this Doppelganger skill boosts Zolrath’s skill up to 200% for the final two attacks for any battle in AFK Arena.

With this, our guide on AFK Arena Tier List and the best characters from all classes get completed. Use these heroes to win the battles in AFK Arena. We will be back with more AFK Arena updates soon.

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