AEW star Sammy Guevara joked years ago that he wanted to rape Sasha Banks

The wrestling world was hit once again as an old interview of Sammy Guevara resurfaced with the AEW star joking that he wanted to rape former WWE champion Sasha Banks.

This incident took place around four years ago as Guevara was on the RAW’s 4th Hour podcast. The show is known for its shock value and Guevara was speaking about his trial in WWE.

Sammy guevara was chased again at AEW Double or Nothing
Sammy Guevara was chased again at AEW Double or Nothing (Twitter)

The clipping was uploaded on social media by many and the remarks made by Guevara were horrific to say the least. It might have been a joke, but the AEW star claimed he wanted to rape Banks:

“Bro, Sasha Banks. Oh my God. When I was at WWE the other week I just wanted to go f****** rape that woman.”

Guevara might have been smitten by Banks but this was the wrong way to portray that.

It is a bit of a surprise how this wasn’t brought into public notice in all these years and Guevara is one of the top stars in AEW at the moment.

He has wrestled with Chris Jericho and is part of the Inner Circle. Guevara is yet to respond to all of these comments, but many fans were upset over these horrific remarks.

Guevara went on to say that he was working as an extra during that taping.

Wrestling world in a state of shock

This is the latest story that has come out during the #SpeakingOut movement. Many indie and WWE stars have been called out regarding sexual abuse in recent days, and it is shocking that Guevara made such comments too.

Sasha Banks and Bayley with the women's Tag team titles
Sasha Banks and Bayley celebrate winning the Women’s Tag Team titles (WWE)

Many top stars have been sacked regarding their actions in the past. Matt Riddle was also called out for an incident back in 2018. However, the Original Bro is considering legal action against the indie wrestler accusing him of sexual abuse.

AEW still hasn’t made a statement regarding this audio clip at the time of writing.

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