“I’ll be ready to kick you a**” – Tay Conti open to MMA fight against former UFC star


Tay Conti wants an MMA fight and she might have got her wish against Angela Magana

AEW star Tay Conti has flirted with MMA in the past and is willing to fight against Angela Magana.

Conti is trained in Jiu-jitsu and Judo and has been part of Brazil’s team to get into the Olympics. She was one of the top stars on NXT before being released by WWE.

Taynara Conti and Anna Jay
Taynara Conti and Anna Jay in their tag match (Twitter)

However, she has bounced back big-time and is enjoying on AEW. While Conti has her own storyline going, she recently was interested in another MMA fight.

Magana, who was part of the UFC in the past, quickly hit up the South American wrestler.

While Magana was ready to clash and claimed this was a “death wish” for Conti, the AEW star added that the only problem was going to be cutting weight for the clash.

However, Magana claimed this was just a ploy to avoid fighting her, and she was willing to end Conti’s MMA dreams.

Conti turning heel?

Magana hasn’t fought in the UFC for years but she would be a dangerous opponent for anyone. Conti does have a lot of MMA experience but taking on a seasoned professional would be interesting.

However, she has other things to worry about on AEW. Her best friend and tag partner, Anna Jay, recently took up the offer to join the Dark Order.

Tegan Nox Taynara Conti
Tegan Nox in action during an NXT event (Image credit: WWE)

Conti was also presented with an offer to join them but she hasn’t given her answer yet. The Dark Order is a heel stable and it will be interesting to see what Conti does next.

She has only featured on a few AEW episodes for now, but she could be on the verge of something great soon.

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