Shawn Spears tries to drive a wedge between brothers Dustin and Cody Rhodes


Shawn Spears lashed out at AEW star Cody Rhodes

AEW wrestler Shawn Spears took a dig at Cody Rhodes and said that he was never there to help Dustin Rhodes.

Spears tweeted, “Funny Face with tears of joy. Good ol #FossilMan Dustin has never looked better! Seems like something or…someone, is ALWAYS missing when it comes to “loved ones” huh? Family my ass. What a #Nightmare indeed. @AEWrestling @AEWonTNT.”

Spears also shared some pictures of Dustin Rhodes being beat up but Cody was nowhere to be seen.

Shawn Spears (Courtesy: AEW)
Shawn Spears has featured a lot more recently on AEW (Courtesy: AEW)

Dustin has been attacked several times in recent weeks with Lance Archer getting the better of him.

However, in a recent match during the TNT Championship, it was Cody that didn’t stop the match. Archer was destroying his brother, but Cody did not allow QT Marshall to throw in the towel.

Archer is to face Cody in the final of the TNT championship. However, there is a lot of history between Spears and Cody.

Lance Archer has been dominant since coming to AEW
Lance Archer got the better of Dustin Rhodes to reach the final of the TNT Championships (AEW)

It’s blossomed because of the intricate storytelling AEW fans hoped to see. President Tony Khan promised more gripping entertainment than what wrestling fans have been used to in recent years, and the buildup for Cody and Spears’ feud has been a highlight.

Spears speaks about the Chairshot incident

On The Road to All Out – Episode 01 via the Nightmare Family YouTube Channel, Shawn Spears revealed that he hit Cody Rhodes with the chair because he referred to him as a ‘good hand.’

At AEW Fyter Fest, Shawn Spears hit Rhodes with a vicious chair shot which left him bleeding across the mat. The shot was unprotected and resulted in Rhodes getting several stitches in the back of his head.

On AEW – The Road to All Out – Episode 01, Jim Ross sat down with Shawn Spears to understand why he hit Cody Rhodes with a chair shot.

Shawn Spears and MJF spoke on this week's show
Shawn Spears and MJF spoke on this week’s show (AEW)

The conversation veered into who Spears trusted in the business, and he revealed that there are only 5 people he trusts. One of them was Cody Rhodes.

He then said that there are things that you don’t say in life out of respect to the other person. In the wrestling business, he said that Cody Rhodes broke that rule by referring to him as a ‘good hand.’

He then claimed that Rhodes changed when he took up the VP role, and that the main reason he wrapped the steel chair around his head was that sometimes, people need to be reminded.

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