Rebel refutes Vickie Guerrero’s claims of Nyla Rose being the best on the AEW Women’s roster


Rebel hits back at Vickie Guerrero for claiming Nyla Rose as the best on AEW Women’s roster

Wednesday’s presentation of Fight For The Fallen by AEW saw a surprise reveal as Nyla Rose unveiled her new manager and it was none other Vickie Guerrero.

The former WWE performer, who has made appearances on AEW in the past, most notably as a commentator on AEW Dark, will now be seen in Rose’s corner on a weekly basis.

Vickie Guerrero is Nyla Rose's new manager
Vickie Guerrero is Nyla Rose’s new manager (AEW)

Guerrero came to the ring with a mic, uttering her famous “Excuse Me!” line. She then addressed the AEW women’s locker room, telling them they aren’t as great as they think they are and that Rose will take anything they’ve ever dreamed of.

“What I will say, is when Nyla Rose and myself are ready to go after the Women’s Championship, it will be the perfect time. Last but not least, Nyla Rose is going to steal every opportunity you have ever dreamed of!”

Rebel doesn’t seem to agree with Vickie

It was a big statement from Vickie on Wednesday and her teaming up with Nyla Rose is sure to cause some ripples in the coming weeks.

However, Rebel, who has recently paired up with Dr. Britt Baker as assistant and friend, did not agree with Vickie. She went on to remind Nyla Rose’s new manager that Baker was the smartest of the women’s division in AEW.

Baker is currently recuperating from an injury and has been targeted by Big Swole of late. So, a feud with Rose at this moment might not take place.

Britt Baker with Rebel
Britt Baker with Rebel (AEW)

However, The Native Beast might end up challenging AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida again, who, earlier in the show, had claimed she would have no problem taking on Rose in the near future.

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