MJF claims Chris Jericho influenced Brian Ortega in win over Korean Zombie


Brian Ortega used a spinning back elbow on the Korean Zombie similar to the Judas Effect of Chris Jericho

UFC Fight Island 6 had a mega main event with Brian Ortega taking on the Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung.

This had been a fight in the making for a year and the pair put on quite a show. It was Ortega, sporting a new look, who got the win after an impressive performance.

Brian Ortega and Korean Zombie put on quite a show at Fight Island 6
Brian Ortega punches The Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung in their featherweight bout during the UFC Fight Night event inside Flash Forum on UFC Fight Island on October 18, 2020 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Jung proved he was the Korean Zombie after taking some nasty shots but still getting back up. One example took place in the second round as Ortega tagged Zombie with an amazing spinning back elbow.

Zombie was shook a bit but he kept coming back for more. The spinning back elbow is also the finisher for wrestling legend Chris Jericho.

Le Champion doesn’t use the Wall of Jericho as a finisher all the time, and the Judas Effect is the name for the back elbow.

MJF posted a small clipping or Ortega using the same move and suggested that Jericho influenced him in this fight.

Jericho is one of the greatest wrestlers ever and continues to shine on AEW.

Buttering Jericho up?

MJF and Jericho are two of the biggest heels in the wrestling business. However, MJF has spoken to Jericho about entering his faction, the Inner Circle.

Most of the members, especially, Sammy Guevara is against MJF joining. However, Jericho seems to be open to all this and the pair are to meet for dinner this week.

MJF is one of the top heels on AEW
MJF is one of the top heels on AEW (AEW)

MJF and Jericho working together would be quite something, and MJF has already made jackets for all the Inner Circle members.

There is no doubt that these two AEW stars teaming up would be amazing, and it will be interesting to see what is next for them.

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