Matt Hardy shares frustrations re-signing with WWE as he enjoys “best gig ever” at AEW


Matt Hardy was quick to sign with AEW after leaving WWE a few months back

Former WWE star Matt Hardy voiced his frustrations with WWE and claimed he is having a great time on AEW.

Hardy was brought back to WWE from his time on TNA thanks to his incredible Woken/Broken gimmick. However, WWE creative did a number on that and after a great pop initially, they wasted the character completely.

Matt Hardy AEW
Matt Hardy made his in-ring debut on AEW a few weeks back (AEW)

Hardy was jobbing for other wrestlers during his final days in WWE, and he laid it all out while speaking on the Busted Open podcast.

Bully Ray added that Hardy got a great pop but was put on the back burner after his brother, Jeff, picked up an injury:

“It is extremely frustrating, obviously, and I knew what I was getting into going back there. This is a bit of a roll of the dice but let’s see what happens. Maybe things will be different, you know the system, I know the system.”

Hardy was also upset at the mentality in WWE as once “they have something set in their head”, the role is determined for the star.

Matt Hardy quits retires AEW
Matt Hardy during a Raw show (Getty)

The former WWE star also claimed that they tried to re-sign him, but he knew that they had a role set for him.

Enjoying his gig on AEW

Hardy added that he had to leave, no matter how much money was offered:

“I just had to go somewhere else where I can be on this platform and I can create, I can be happy.

“This AEW job, this roster, is the most fun I’ve ever had. I would say behind this would be the TNA run where I started Broken Matt.”

Matt Hardy was involved in a crazy Stadium Stampede match
Matt Hardy against Santana and Ortiz during their Stadium Stampede Match (Twitter)

Hardy claimed that the AEW management takes good care of their stars and added it was the “best gig” he has had.

The Woken One claimed he was happy and fortunate to be on AEW. He also loved the creative process in some of the matches.

Hardy added that he isn’t looking to be the top star but wanted to be utilized the perfect way since he had 28 years of experience.

He didn’t want to be the centre-piece but to build other people up and have some fun.

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