Matt Hardy doesn’t want wrestling industry to employ “idiot” Sammy Guevara


Matt Hardy shared new footage that showed how callous Sammy Guevara was during their spot

AEW star Matt Hardy has continued hitting out at Sammy Guevara after he was left busted wide open during a spot recently.

Hardy and Guevara have a rivalry going on and the Woken One was attacked on AEW. Guevara hit him with a steel chair and that left a huge gash on Hardy’s head.

He was bleeding profusely during the segment and Guevara ended it by sending his rival through a table.

Sammy guevara was chased again at AEW Double or Nothing
Sammy Guevara was chased again at AEW Double or Nothing (Twitter)

However, Guevara has been called out by many for the botch with the chair. He was to throw a folding chair, the regular ones used in matches, and Hardy was to protect himself with his hands.

Guevara, for his part, did find a chair but this was a sturdier one than normal and Hardy couldn’t protect himself well enough.

He needed a lot of medical attention after that and hit out at Guevara again on social media. There have been some suggestions that Guevara was confused about which chair to pick up, but Hardy refuted those claims with a new video:

Hardy also said he wanted the “idiot” out of the industry, and that would be a blow given how talented Guevara is.

Another work in the making?

It certainly was a risky move from Guevara as he hit Hardy but this could all be a work to gain more mileage after the attack.

Hardy is one of the best when it comes to fleshing out stories and he can use this for a while. The Woken One also tweeted that his wife, Reby, wanted to destroy Guevara post the attack.

Matt Hardy was involved in a crazy Stadium Stampede match
Matt Hardy against Santana and Ortiz during their Stadium Stampede Match (Twitter)

There has been a lot of heat on Guevara in recent months. The attack on Hardy was bad enough but he had just returned after serving a suspension by the promotion.

Guevara was called out for some horrible comments he made on Sasha Banks years ago. This resurfaced during the #SpeakingOut movement, however, Guevara apologised for his comments and even cleared the air with the WWE star later on.

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