AEW star Shawn Spears wants to face this WWE legend despite brutal attack


Shawn Spears signed for AEW despite first getting a chance in WWE

AEW star Shawn Spears recently took place in a Q+A session on Twitter. Spears spent a lot of time in WWE but they were never able to get the best out of ‘Tye Dillinger’ as he was known back then.

Shawn Spears (Courtesy: AEW)
Shawn Spears has featured a lot more recently on AEW (Courtesy: AEW)

Spears was great on NXT but like several stars, the transition to the bigger brands. However, the Canadian is doing a great job on AEW but is willing to have a rematch with a current WWE star.

A fan asked which past or present wrestler he would love to have a match against, and Spears named Randy Orton.

One of Spears’ final appearances in WWE saw him clash against Orton. This wasn’t a regular match as Orton attacked Spears and injured his hand, in the storyline.

Orton is a WWE legend for all that he is done in the promotion. However, Spears couldn’t remain in the promotion for long.

After this clash, Spears left the promotion and spent time in the indies. He joined AEW shortly after and is now one of the bigger draws for the promotion.

Randy Orton injured Shawn Spears
Randy Orton injured Shawn Spears in one of his final appearances (WWE)

The 39-year-old also named one AEW star that he wanted to face, and it wasn’t a singles competitor.

One of the Bucks

Nick and Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks are two of the best in the world. Their abilities as a tag team is known to most in the wrestling business, and Spears claimed he wanted to get into the ring with Nick.

It will be interesting to see if such a match does take place. The Bucks should first face off against FTR in what could be the tag match of the year.

FTR are also former WWE stars and the promotion did not use them to their best abilities either. Spears, for his part, has taken up the role of a heel well and already has some great matches under his belt.

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