AEW star Adam Copeland (Edge) brings up major gap with WWE leading to release  

Adam Copeland (Edge) joined AEW from WWE
Adam Copeland at AEW WrestleDream (AEW Twitter)

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Adam Copeland (Edge) joined AEW at WrestleDream but claimed that WWE didn’t have much for him to do 

The wrestling world was shocked on Sunday as WWE legend Adam Copeland (Edge) made an appearance during the closing moments of AEW WrestleDream.

The Rated R Superstar had spent his entire pro-wrestling career with WWE, but this was a surprise to many.

However, some had suggested that Edge would be switching over to Tony Khan’s promotion. He had been out of contract with the WWE, and had not signed a new deal despite it being offered to him. 

Edge’s appearance at WrestleDream still came as a surprise, especially since no one expected it. However, the Rated R Superstar came out with his Alter Bridge entrance music, Metalingus, which seems to be a huge mistake from WWE.

Edge and his entrance song are synonymous, and this will help AEW grow further as they battle WWE.

Edge also released a statement about why he left WWE, and he hinted at a gap in creative and matches for him. The Rated R Superstar posted on Twitter (known as X) and added that he was excited to be part of AEW.

While he thanked WWE for spending 25 years with them and making him such a star, he hinted at WWE not having enough to do in the company. 

“WWE helped me meet the woman I’d start my family with. Sometimes relationships just grow apart and I feel the WWE and I have just outgrown each other. I wanted to do more. They didn’t have much more for me to do. Simple as that. And that’s ok. I’ll still be watching and still be supporting all of my friends there.”

However, Edge wasn’t buying into the AEW vs WWE war, and asked fans to “take a walk” if they believe the same. 

Edge attacked his friend, Christian Cage, at WrestleDream. He also shook hands with Darby Allin and seemed to have respect for Sting during the closing stages of the event.

What are Edge’s plans for AEW?

It seems Edge won’t be called that during his time on AEW as his real name, Adam  Copeland has been brought up by Tony Khan and the AEW President even had to remind MJF to call the former WWE superstar that during the post show media scrum. 

During his second run with WWE, Edge was only used in bits and pieces and wasn’t a regular. However, that seems set to change as Tony Khan confirmed Adam Copeland will feature on AEW every week and be a regular.

Adam Copeland during his entrance for AEW
Adam Copeland at AEW WrestleDream 2023 (AEW Twitter)

They even confirmed Copeland’s first match to be against Luchasaurus on October 10, and that he would appear on AEW Dynamite on Wednesday. 

Copeland also addressed his coming to AEW, and explained what his plans are for the future (h/t USA Today): 

“Part of coming here is that I wanted to contribute,” he said. “I wanted to help and I just felt like here, I’d really be able to do that and have the opportunity to do that. And I look at an entire fresh roster of faces and, and so many talent that I’ve never laid hands on before.”

AEW does have some incredible talents on board, and it will be interesting to see who Copeland could go up against and build a rivalry with after his first match. 

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