10 Best Simple Games to Play on Your Phone



Want to play the best simple games on mobile? Then, check our guide and discover the ten best simple phone games.

Every mobile game has lots of challenges and objectives. Some games are easy to play and some have been hard for players to crack the most challenging stages. There are numerous mobile games with simple gameplay and features that one can master without struggling much. When it comes to mobile games, one doesn’t need to work hard as controls are like tap, touch and swipe. These types of games have been the favorite for fans over the years. Here’s our listicle that includes the 10 best simple phone games to play in 2024.

Top 10 Simple Games for Mobile 

Here are ten impressive and yet simple phone games to play right now. These games only have simple tasks and the controls are easy as well.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is considered as an all-time classic arcade game for mobile. Here, the concept is simple as you will be given a powerful sword to slash fruits. Fruits will float on your screen and there will be some bombs as well. Focus on slashing fruits with your swords. You can swap the best blades and utilize them to rip all fruits. Fruits like Orange, Lemon, Watermelon and Pineapple will float on air. Use your sword and cut these fruits with a perfect timing.

Simple games
10 Best Simple Games to Play on Your Phone 2

The goal is to slash all fruits and you also have to avoid hitting bombs. As you progress, new quests in Fruit Ninja will be available. You have to complete a 2-hit combo where the goal is to slice 2 fruits. Also, you have to complete 3-hit and 7-hit combos as well. Dodge bombs and slice fruits successfully to conquer the battle. Score as many as points and claim new swords and blades. Fruit Ninja is easily one of the best simple phone games right now.

Heads Up!

A fun board game where you have to guess words. Your friends will provide clues and you have to complete words. You can act, dance and sing to indicate clues. If some words are difficult even with hints, then you can pass them to your friends. In Heads Up, you have to find words before the timer stops.

Heads Up is an exciting party game and you have to pick your cards and decks and place the phone on your forehead. Players will be given some chances before they discover the words. Overall, Heads Up is a fun word guessing and charades game to play with friends, families and kids.

Score! Hero

Score Hero is a fun soccer game that you can play without wifi as well. Here, you can play for your favorite clubs and countries. Top teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid and Barcelona will be unlocked after you reach new milestones. The gameplay in Soccer Hero is top-notch and easy. You can simply touch, tap and swipe to score goals. You can use all rewards to customize t-shirts, boots, facial hair and more.

Block Puzzle Jewel

Block Puzzle Jewel is an all-time classic puzzle game. In this single-player puzzle game, you have to place blocks in the right order. Make sure to fill blocks in both horizontal and vertical lines. Remember that a wrong move can result in a failure and you won’t be able to complete remaining blocks.  Blocks will be available in various shapes like L, T and I. Place these blocks and fill the gaps accordingly. Once you fail in a mission, you can continue playing and drop blocks and set a new record.

My City: Wildlife Camping

A fun simulation game from the team of My Town Games where you explore the wilds, build tents, do fishing and embark on a camping adventure. My City is one of the best relaxing games of all-time , known for its splendid features and colorful characters. The Wildlife adventure will be fun and there will be several tasks like finding the hidden temple, unlocking new fish and collecting treasure chests.

Explore ancient temples, lakes, caves and forests with friends and meet new animals. There will be traps near the ancient temple and lake, use your skills and overcome these obstacles. Enjoy your adventure as a successful explorer and camper with cute little wild creatures. In My City, you will travel to many locations in the wild. You can meet new friends, eat marshmallows, do farming and play together.

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is an iconic arcade runner game for mobile. An evergreen game where you have to run from the ghost and monkeys in cliffs, ziplines, mines and forests. While you run, make sure to collect coins. The gameplay in Temple Run 2 is fast and you can simply tap, tilt and swipe to complete tasks. Once you hit a wall or get trapped, your mission will abort. Temple Run 2 has massive features and new environments as well.

The cursed idol is in your hands and you have to run without getting caught. Keep running, jumping, and sliding in dangerous locations and escape traps. Temple Run 2 is a gripping runner game and one of the best simple games to play on Android and iOS.

Pocket City

Pocket City is a free-to-play city-building and simulation game. You play as a Mayor. There are many objectives in Pocket City. You have to build a new city, upgrade the city with facilities and save the residents from criminals as well. Pocket City is an amazing simulation game and you can build parks, industrial zones, and decorate gardens and create your own metropolis.

You also have to complete story quests and save poor people from tornadoes, storms and tsunamis. Also, renovate the abandoned buildings and explore those abandoned towns as a part of the campaign missions. Overall, Pocket City is a fun simulation and one of the best simple phone games right now.

Water Sort Quest

Water Sort Quest is a unique puzzle game. Here, you have to collect water and fill them in tubes that match the color. You can simply tap on a tube and fill it with water. Fill water on tubes where there’s a space and find the color of water on the tube’s top. You can use boosters to complete challenging quests in this watercolor puzzle game.

Mini Militia

Mini Militia is an incredible shooter game that you can play with friends. Play as bots and pick your weapons in this fast-paced action shooter game. Use boosters, explosives and jetpacks to survive attacks. You can play Mini Militia against random bots and secure highest points to win the battle. Also, you can invite your friends to your server and play Mini Militia in a single lobby. The player who secures the highest points will claim new jetpacks, weapons and cosmetics.

 Mini Militia also has an offline survival mode where you play against players in fast-paced combat. Use ranged weapons like launchers and rifles to win matches. Many environments in Mini Militia have traps and obstacles like bombs. You can hide near coconut trees, walls and other structures. Some top-notch weapons in Mini Militia are Machete, Flamethrower, Saw Guns, Pump Action Shotgun, Emp Gun and Tavor. Use rewards to customize your  avatars’ head, body and outfits.

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is hailed as the best racing game for mobile. This is a physics-based driving game that takes racers through challenges in hills and terrains. Play as Bill and start your campaign in the climb canyon. Pick your cars and go on an adventure in the hills. Overcome traps and collect coins while traveling. Perform stunts and tricks to earn boosters.

The terrains and snow plains in Climb Canyon will be a test for your driving skills. Master all racing skills and get ready for an extravaganza in the uphill. Hill Climb Racing also has events where you can play quests and claim exclusive new cars and booster packs. Controls for the game will be shown on your screen. You will spot Gas, Brake, RPM and Boost. Manage these controls and win challenges easily.

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