10 Best Legendary Weapons in Destiny 2


Once you have the best Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons, you will feel the change in your power. Therefore, these weapons are a must for you. 

Are you looking for the best weapons to equip yourself with in your battles against the enemies of the Last City? Look no further! We have the top 10 best options for your arsenal. From Hand Cannons to Fusion Rifles, each of these weapons is a proven powerhouse in both PvP and PvE. So buckle up, and get ready to take your combat to the next level with the 10 Best Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons.


Best Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons


Half-Truths is a must-have Sword in your inventory. It’s one of two Swords in the game that can have the Eager Edge perk, enabling you to lunge at high speeds when switching to it. The perk makes it an S-tier weapon for navigating jumping puzzles and quickly closing distances in Gambit and PvP. Even if you have better options for DPS, it’s worth keeping one of these Swords handy for jumping puzzles.

Hung Jury SR4

The Hung Jury SR4 is a legendary scout rifle that was reintroduced from Destiny 1 as a Nightfall weapon during the Season of the Splicer. It can be challenging to obtain from random Nightfall drops, but once acquired, it boasts impressive accuracy and power with its Precision Frame and High Impact Reserves. The weapon’s perk options, such as Firefly and Accurized Rounds, enhance its damage and range even further, making it a solid choice depending on the player’s preference.

Calus Mini-Tool

The Calus Mini-Tool is a popular Solar SMG among Destiny 2 players. It can be obtained from the Opulent Chests located on the Derelict Leviathan. In PvE, it boasts excellent handling, stability, and damage output. Being a Solar weapon, players can amplify its power with Solar 3.0 abilities. Additionally, the MIDA Synergy perk allows players to pair it with the MIDA Multi-Tool, if they have it in their arsenal. This is one of the best Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons.

The Hothead

Hothead has been the top performer in the Rocket Launcher DPS charts since its release in the Season of the Lost. Its impressive perk pool, including Clown Cartridge, allows it to deal massive damage. Clown Cartridge in particular is a standout feature, enabling you to fire two rockets before reloading.

For the first column of perks, Demolitionist is ideal for high burst DPS. Fire two rockets, throw a grenade, then fire a third rocket for massive burst damage. If you prefer sustained DPS, Field Prep offers a larger ammo reserve and faster reloads. For solo content, don’t overlook Auto-Loading Holster with Explosive Light, providing you with multiple effective options when Lightfall begins.

Judgment Of Kelgorath

Judgment of Kelgorath is a Solar Glaive that came in the Season of the Seraph. When equipped, it can benefit from the Incandescent perk, particularly when paired with Solar classes. The glaive-specific perk, Close to Melee, virtually guarantees a two-shot kill and works with any class archetype. Combined with perks like Ambush, which improves damage, handling, and range, this glaive becomes one of the top options in its category.

Judgment Of Kelgorath
Judgment Of Kelgorath


Deliverance is a powerhouse in PvE. This Fusion Rifle deals devastating Stasis damage and can be loaded with impressive perk combinations, including the unbeatable pairing of Demolitionist and either Successful Warm-Up or Chill Clip. Demolitionist is a must-have for most builds in Destiny 2, both in PvE and PvP. 

Chill Clip allows the weapon to slow down targets, freeze them completely, and activate various Stasis Aspects and Fragments. It packs a punch, is user-friendly, and provides almost endless grenades in PvE. If you’re looking to make the most out of your Destiny 2 experience, make sure to farm for the Deliverance crafting blueprint, especially if you’re a fan of the Stasis subclasses. It’s an S-tier pick for nearly all builds in the game. This is no doubt one of the best Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons.


The Austringer, a Hand Cannon with an Adaptive Frame, is a formidable weapon at close and medium distances. This powerful tool was introduced in the Season of the Haunted and can be conveniently obtained on the Derelict Leviathan.

Thanks to its versatility and significant impact, the Austringer is a favorite among PvP players. It’s equipped with an impressive variety of potential perks that can be tailored to meet any specific requirements. For those seeking precise accuracy, perks like Opening Shot, Rangefinger, and Eye of the Storm are top choices to maximize the weapon’s potential.


Salvager’s Salvo

This Exotic Grenade Launcher, available at the Tower’s Exotic Kiosk, unleashes a chain of destruction with each shot. If the explosion kills an enemy, it can activate the Demolitionist perk, making it a top-notch tool for clearing out adds.

With its large ammo reserve, the Salvager’s Salvo is almost a one-stop shop for PvE. You may even be able to forgo using a Primary weapon altogether. To maximize your firepower, equip mods that increase ammo pick-up and scavenging. While it can be used for blunting in PvP, it’s not as effective as weapons with perks like Disruption Break. In PvE, however, the Salvager’s Salvo is a must-have in your arsenal. If you are looking for the best Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons, then this is a great option.


The Riptide Rapid-Fire Fusion Rifle is the perfect weapon for Guardians looking for a Fusion Rifle with unmatched utility. With its Chill Clip perk, this gun slows down targets with each burst when the magazine is more than half full. The fast charging rate allows for easy freezing of targets, allowing you to stop their attacks and shatter them for significant AoE damage. In terms of utility, Riptide is difficult to beat.

With the upcoming Lightfall expansion, Riptide is set to become even more powerful, as subclass keywords now have anti-Champion properties. If you’re Radiant, Riptide can effectively counter all three Champion types. If you don’t already have a great roll of this gun, now is the time to obtain one. For PvP players who don’t prioritize PvE, Riptide has strong consistency perks to counter Shotgun or SMG users. There is no reason not to add this weapon to your arsenal.

Smite of Merain

The Smite of Merain, a trusty Pulse Rifle, made its comeback in Destiny 2’s Season of the Plunder. This King’s Fall raid weapon is a versatile choice for Guardians seeking medium-range damage. With the Firefly perk, Smite becomes a Solar weapon that boasts a fast reload speed.

For added utility, Smite of Merain pairs well with the Demolitionist and Runneth Over perks. The Demolitionist perk generates grenade energy on kills, and throwing grenades reloads Smite in turn. Runneth Over, on the other hand, overflows the magazine when reloading near allies, providing a generous ammo boost.

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