Zenless Zone Zero Multiplayer Guide – How to play with friends


As of now, HoYoverse, the developers, have not officially confirmed the presence of Zenless Zone Zero multiplayer or co-op features.

People are getting more and more excited about Zenless Zone Zero, the new game from the well-known creators of Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact. Gacha fans can’t wait to see what kind of Zenless Zone Zero multiplayer or co-op gameplay is possible. This guide talks about how the social features of Zenless Zone Zero work right now and what players can expect when they play with friends. If you like Genshin Impact then you will definitely like this game too.

Game characters
Game characters

The HoYoverse Legacy

Thanks to games like Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact, HoYoverse has become one of the best companies that makes gacha games. This one, in particular, has raised the bar for online gacha games by letting players easily enter each other’s huge worlds. As Zenless Zone Zero appears, every player is wondering: does it follow suit?

Zenless Zone Zero uses the same gacha system as its predecessors, but it stands out with a unique story, an open world that begs to be explored, and a combat system that offers an experience like no other. As players eagerly await the game’s release, the doubt about its multiplayer features grows.

Zenless Zone Zero multiplayer guide?

At this point, HoYoverse has not publicly confirmed that Zenless Zone Zero will have multiplayer or co-op modes. The lack of knowledge about the game’s setting and features adds to its mystery, making it hard to say for sure what the Zenless Zone Zero multiplayer scene will be like.

Since Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd both had strong social modes, it’s possible that Zenless Zone Zero will do the same. Like the co-op experiences in games like Diablo 4, you can explore the game’s vast universe with friends. This is in line with what people expected from HoYoverse’s past projects.

In contrast, Honkai Star Rail chose to be played alone, limiting interactions to friendships within the game and not venturing into online areas. People who read the official description of Zenless Zone Zero are told to “explore hallows with your squad,” which is a tantalizing hint. It could mean Zenless Zone Zero multiplayer/co-op features or features for building a group on your own, like in Genshin Impact.

What to expect?

Game characters
Game characters

Players should stay tuned for information on Zenless Zone Zero multiplayer and co-op features until there is a clear answer. This guide will be constantly updated with the newest information to make sure you stay up to date on how the game is changing.

This guide will help you find your way around the many multiplayer options in Zenless Zone Zero, whether it’s a solo journey, a cooperative multiplayer exploration experience, or a mix of the two. Save this page and start your journey to find out about the Zenless Zone Zero multiplayer wonders of Zenless Zone Zero.


Are there similarities between Zenless Zone Zero and Genshin Impact in terms of multiplayer?

While both games share gacha mechanics, Zenless Zone Zero distinguishes itself with a unique storyline, open world, and combat system. Whether it mirrors Genshin Impact’s multiplayer features remains uncertain.

Can I play with friends in Zenless Zone Zero?

The availability of playing with friends in Zenless Zone Zero remains unconfirmed. The game’s official description hints at squad exploration, but until further details are provided, the multiplayer aspect remains speculative.

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