Does Zelina Vega have an OnlyFans account?


Zelina Vega OnlyFans: Zelina Vega is considered one of the rising stars of WWE But Does Zelina Vega have an OnlyFans account?

Zelina Vega has proved herself to be one of WWE‘s most talented and versatile performers since 2017, especially after WrestleMania 36. Yet, it was not good enough as her value in the company dwindled after a controversial move to earn some supplemental income from other streams.

Zelina Vega OnlyFans: Star did have an OnlyFans account 

Queen Zelina, who recently became the first woman to become the winner of Queen of the Ring, was once fired by WWE for disobeying the company’s new policy by opening an OnlyFans account.

Trinidad directly challenged WWE by opening an account on OnlyFans, allowing talent to interact directly with their fans. In addition, her performance featured exclusive videos and photos of “cosplays, lingerie, swimsuits and more” for a monthly subscription fee of $30.

Zelina Vega
Zelina Vega OnlyFans account

Vince McMahon considered this a breach of contract and responded by terminating Trinidad’s contract. According to Sports Illustrated, following the discussions regarding Twitch, the upper management felt Trinidad Pur them into a problematic situation by opening the OnlyFans account. 

This new policy is among talent. Vega’s dismissal served as a reminder that the new policy will be strictly enforced. Trinidad was in the headlines following her termination as she posted a Tweet that said, “I support unionization”. 

Many accounts have been started before without the celebrity knowing, but this was a legitimate one as Vega follows the performance on Instagram.

Zelina Vega OnlyFans: Star is not on OF right now

There was a lot of interest in ‘Zelina Vega OnlyFans’ when it came out, especially from WWE fans. However, Trinidad was fired from the company in November 2020 for starting an OnlyFans account. Still, According to, the wrestler returned to WWE and was seen at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. 

After she removed her OnlyFans account and the controversial tweet. Vega made her surprise return to WWE on August 2021 as one of the participants in the 2021 Women’s Monday in The Bank ladder match.

In an interview with Stephanie Chase at Digital Spy (h/t Sportskeeda), she explained her return to WWE and how she had unfinished business left with the company.

“Well, I think more than anything, WWE has always been a place that I felt like I had some kind of unfinished business with. For me, as a kid, you’re like, I want to be a champion, and there are so many things you want to accomplish. Coming back, I set my eyes on the SmackDown Women’s Championship. That’s what I’m focused on the most, and see where that takes me. After Bianca vs Sasha, who knows. Will it be Bianca that remains champion, or will it be Sasha? Either one, I’m coming after them, and I can’t wait for that,”

Zelina Vega OnlyFans
Zelina Vega OnlyFans: The star doesn’t seem to have an OF account presently (Zelina Vega Twitter)

After being fired by the company, she took some time off from wrestling and realized what she needed to do. She worked on many things, and they are visible from her outfits. She also displayed a new side of her and added more striking to her move set.

“There are a lot of things you’ll see now with my outfits, especially my jacket. I feel like I’ve taken them to a whole new level and how intricate they are and what certain things mean. Who I’m cosplaying and why there is always a meaning. Then, feeling like I want to add more striking to my moves. As a manager, I never got to add too much Lucha style to me. Now, I can display that, especially with people like Toni Storm, Bianca, and Sasha. It’s cool to mix it up with them and see a whole new side of me.”

Zelina made a fantastic return as within a few months of her return, she defeated Doudrop at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia to win the first-ever Queen’s Crown tournament. 

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