Zak Bagans’s Girlfriend: Everything you need to know about his Partner And Dating Life In 2023 


As of 2023, Zak Bagans is dating Holly Madison.

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Zak Bagans’s Girlfriend: Everything you need to know about his Partner And Dating Life In 2023  2

Zak Bagans was born on April 5, 1977, in Washington, D.C.

He was raised in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, he developed an interest in the supernatural and the unknown from a young age.

Bagans’ early life was marked by his fascination with the paranormal, which eventually led him to explore and investigate haunted and mysterious locations.

He gained fame as the host and lead investigator of the popular paranormal reality series “Ghost Adventures.”

His family, particularly his father, who introduced him to the supernatural, and his early experiences with the unexplained, have been instrumental in shaping his career in the world of paranormal investigation and entertainment.

Zak Bagans, best known for hosting Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures show and investigating paranormal activity, remains extremely private about his personal life and will only discuss work-related matters with anyone interested.

Before Holly Madison came along, he was linked with Christine Dolce – a Myspace internet personality known as “Forbidden”. Unfortunately she struggled with substance abuse before passing away in February 2017 due to liver failure.

Christine Dolce

As we all know, museum operators has amassed an enormous fan base and many women have tried dating him. Unfortunately, paranormal investigators are not interested in getting involved romantically any time soon as their focus remains solely on work projects and research initiatives.

Page Six reported that Holly Madison is his current flame. The Girls Next Door actress previously married Pasquale Rotella and shares two children from their relationship; after visiting Ghost Adventures museum in Vegas they reconnected, initially keeping their romance hidden but it eventually surfaced through social media platforms.

Madison and Bagans had a two-year romance before parting ways in 2021, though remain good friends since. She recently featured in one of Bagans’ episodes; moreover, she surprised him on his birthday with a cake featuring his pet dog Gracie as the van driver!

Ashley Mallett

Zak Bagans, a paranormal investigator and host of Travel Channel’s hit show Ghost Adventures as well as its spinoff shows is also known for hosting several specials as well as being working on several projects for Discovery+ network.

Bagans first gained notoriety as the star of Ghost Adventures in 2008. The hit show follows his team of paranormal investigators as they investigate various haunted locations throughout the US.

Reality star Eric Brammer doesn’t discuss his romantic life in detail, yet has been linked with various women throughout his career. Christine Dolce was his brief romantic interest until she tragically passed away due to liver failure due to alcohol abuse in February 2017 after only dating him briefly.

Holly Madison, an ex-Playboy model and television host. They dated for four months after she divorced Pasquale Rotella. Reportedly they broke up sometime around February 2021 yet remain close – as evidenced by Holly’s birthday wishes on Instagram for Bagans.

Holly Madison

Holly Madison was once an iconic Playboy model and sex entertainer. She once dated Hugh Hefner and even lived together at his Playboy mansion for some time; later however she found love again with Pasquale Rotella; however they eventually parted ways and divorced in 2021.

After her separation from her previous relationship, Holly began dating Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans quietly but kept in contact. According to reports, they were together for approximately two years and remain good friends as evidenced by Holly sending out birthday messages in April 2021 for Zak.

Bagans’ stunning good looks attract women of all ages. However, since his split with Christine Dolce he has chosen not to get involved in another romantic situation and focus on his career – for now at least! Perhaps at some later date he may resume dating.

Marcy Delatorre

Zak Bagans moved on after Christine Dolce passed away from liver failure to Ashley Mallett and they began dating for three years, at one point rumoring to be engaged; though never publicly discussing their romance they were often seen together at shows and events before eventually parting ways in February 2021.

After his split with Ashley, Bagans started dating Holly Madison. They met each other at his Spooky Gallery in Las Vegas in 2019 and began dating shortly afterwards. Prior to that she had been married to Pasquale Rotella with whom they shared two children together.

Holly has long been a supporter of Ghost Adventures star Nick Groff and has even assisted in some investigations with him. She frequently shares pictures with him via social media platforms; unfortunately Holly does not have any children of her own but does own a dog named Gracie.

Dating HistoryZak Bagans was linked with Christine Dolce before her tragic passing in 2017 due to liver failure. He dated Holly Madison for two years, parting ways in 2021, and was briefly involved with Ashley Mallett.
Christine DolceZak Bagans briefly dated Christine Dolce, known as “Forbidden” on Myspace, before her passing in 2017.
Holly MadisonHolly Madison, the ex-Playboy model and TV host, dated Zak Bagans for two years, and they remain good friends.
Ashley MallettZak Bagans had a three-year romance with Ashley Mallett, sparking engagement rumors, before parting ways in February 2021.
Marcy DelatorreThere is no public information about Marcy Delatorre’s relationship with Zak Bagans.

Dating History

Zak Bagans, the paranormal investigator and host of “Ghost Adventures,” had brief relationships with Christine Dolce, Holly Madison, and Ashley Mallett. He maintains a focus on his career and has not publicly disclosed his current relationship.


Zak Bagans, known for his work in paranormal investigations, has had several notable romantic relationships with Christine Dolce, Holly Madison, and Ashley Mallett. While his personal life remains private, his public relationships have garnered attention. As of 2023, Zak Bagans is dating Holly Madison.