David Dobrik’s Girlfriend: Everything you need to know about his Partner And Dating Life In 2023


David Dobrik is an influential YouTuber known for his controversial videos and linkage with multiple women over time. However, due to his fame and subsequent media scrutiny of these relationships, they have often experienced difficulties. He was in a relationship but currently, he is single.

David Dobrik’s breakthrough came after posting some good and thoughtful content on YouTube. He was born on July 23, 1996, in Slovakia. Apart from content creation, he also does podcasting with celebrities. He made his podcast debut in 2017 and it had a great reach in the community. David is not the only child of his parents, he has three younger siblings. Due to various reasons, his family moved from Slovakia to the US during his early childhood days. When it comes to relationships, David does not reveal much information about his partner to the public.

Natalie Mariduena, David’s childhood friend and assistant, has long been romantically linked to him. They appeared together in Vlog Squad videos before being quarantined together during the coronavirus pandemic.

David DobrikInfluential YouTuber known for controversial videos. Linked romantically to multiple women but faces media scrutiny which complicates relationships. Was in a relationship with Liza Koshy before 2018. Rumored relationships with Natalie Mariduena and Taylor Hudson but both seem baseless. Briefly married Lorraine Nash (Jason Nash’s mom) for content.
Natalie MariduenaDavid’s childhood friend and assistant. They appeared together in Vlog Squad videos and quarantined together during the coronavirus pandemic. Though rumored to be dating David, they have denied any romantic involvement.
Liza KoshyRecognized across acting, comedy, and YouTube. Moved from Vine to YouTube, amassing a huge following. Was in a relationship with David Dobrik, before announcing their breakup via a video. Post-breakup, her personal life remains private. Comparisons were made with Olivia Jade as potential dating material, though both are primarily focused on building their online presence.
Olivia JadeFrequently appears with Liza Koshy in challenge videos. Though close, they haven’t confirmed any romantic involvement.
Taylor HudsonOne of David’s assistants and a part of his Vlog Squad. Known for her smile and as an accomplished tennis player. Rumored to be romantically linked to David because of their close professional relationship and shared living quarters.
Sabrina CarpenterHas a massive following but remains private about personal relationships. Rumors link her with Corey Hart, Griffin Gluck, Bradley Simpson, and Madison Beer, but nothing has been confirmed.

Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy has earned recognition across various disciplines, such as acting, comedy, and YouTube. After switching over from Vine, she amassed a massive fan base that followed her onto YouTube; additionally, she also has an enormous following on Instagram.

She has had several relationships, most notably her lengthy engagement to David Dobrik – popularly dubbed as YouTube’s equivalent of Posh and Becks – which lasted several years until they announced their separation via video.

Many were saddened by their split, yet both remain friends and work professionally together. Since their breakup, Liza has kept her personal life quiet; no major changes to her appearance or dating status have become public knowledge since their breakup. Liza remains focused on her career rather than currently searching for someone. Olivia Jade maybe someone she could date; either way, both continue to build large audiences online.

Olivia Jade

Although they often appear together in challenge videos, the pair have yet to officially confirm their romantic relationship. However, they seem like good matches and remain close friends.

David Dobrik is an established internet personality who remains hopeful about finding love despite being busy and famous. Although this might present difficulties when trying to form serious relationships, David remains optimistic in his search.

Before 2018, he was in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Liza Koshy; however, they parted ways in 2018. It was then reported that he may be dating his aide Natalie Mariduena; however, these rumors proved false as both had long been friends and shared living arrangements so fans assumed they were romantically involved; later both people dismissed these rumors as attempts at increasing online profiles; since then neither have had any further romantic relationships.

Taylor Hudson

Celebrity YouTube stars face special challenges when navigating romantic relationships, particularly those involving David. Due to his massive fan base, David often finds himself subject to scrutiny and speculation – this can add pressure and even invade privacy.

Taylor Hudson is one of Dobrik’s assistants and an invaluable member of his Vlog Squad, known for her charming smile and delicious food taste buds. Additionally, she’s an accomplished tennis player and has competed in state tournaments.

While Taylor and David may be co-workers, fans have speculated they could be more than friends or colleagues. Since they’d worked closely together for quite some time and shared living quarters for an extended period of time, rumors began swirling quickly that something more was going on between them.

David has had several relationships, including a brief marriage to Lorraine Nash (comedian Jason Nash’s mom). More recently, David and Liza Koshy had an intense romance before eventually making the difficult decision to part ways; their heartbreaking video revealed this decision while garnering immense support from fans.

Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter has millions of followers and an active schedule, so it should come as no surprise that she has attracted some high-profile relationships. Yet despite being famous, the YouTube star remains private about her personal life – though she may have dated several men in private but never confirmed publicly any of them.

Fans of Kelly Gale are constantly searching for clues as to her relationship status. Rumors swirled that she and Corey Hart may be dating, yet both denied these reports. Griffin Gluck and Bradley Simpson have also been linked with Kelly as potential suitors; neither have confirmed or disproved these claims yet.

Recently, there have been reports that she and Madison Beer may be dating each other; neither one has publicly confirmed it; however, they have been seen together at public events and videos uploaded by her; suggesting these rumors might be true; thus it’s essential that both respect each other’s decisions to keep their relationships private.


David Dobrik’s love life, intertwined with his meteoric rise to YouTube stardom, is a tale of romance, rumors, and resilience. Amid the whirlwind of speculations, he navigates fame while cherishing his genuine connections, proving that in the world of influencers, authenticity still reigns supreme.