NBA fans were quick to react after Shaquille O’Neal posted a throwback tweet of his butt at Knott’s Berry Farms.

The aeroplane’s economy class seating area? Ignore it. Walking through a doorway? Just to keep from hitting his head on the top of it, NBA legend and current analyst Shaquille O’Neal must duck in order to make it through. Roller coaster ride at a theme park? Well, at least that led to an unforgettable tweet from Shaq over ten years ago.

In August 2009, the former Los Angeles Lakers great complained on Twitter that the seats in a California amusement park were a little too small for his butt.

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“I’m at Knots Berry Farms n my butts 2 big 2 fit in da seats on the ride. ahhhhhh (dats me yellin),” the tweet read. Shaq brought the tweet back up because he believed Throwback Thursday deserved to be a thing once more.

In Shaq’s defense, amusement park seats are disproportionately small. It would be quite difficult for someone over seven feet tall and weighing at least 350 pounds to fit into those chairs. Shaq, who is quite the big man, often may find himself in rather strange situations due to his size.

NBA Fans react to Shaq’s throwback

On Twitter, one wrote, “I am surprised you haven’t made a Shaq-coaster for the big and tall.” while another added, “let’s make a Big and Tall amusement park or ride manufacturer…. I’m 6’5 and have been unable to ride coasters many times over also look at the safety issues caused in places like Florida action park. I see a market.” A third stated, “cmon man you couldn’t wait for the 13th anniversary, mere weeks away??? amateur posting smh”

Listed below are a few more tweets:

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