WWE WrestleMania 38 Night 2 Results, Winners, and Grades 3 Apr 2022: Did Roman Reigns Win?


After an exhilarating Night 1, expectations were huge from Night 2 of WrestleMania 38. It didn’t disappoint as some of the matches were beautifully thought out.

Dream match between Edge and AJ Styles, the Fatal-4 way match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, Pat McAfee versus Austin Theory, of course, “The Biggest WrestleMania Match of All Time” Reigns versus Lesnar, and many more fascinating matches on the card for Night 2 of the latest edition of The Show of Shows.

Triple H leaves his wrestling boots in the ring

Triple H started the show as he made his entrance to the ring and said that he wanted to thank the fans and show them his love in the best way he knew and that was by giving them a big “Welcome to WrestleMania” and then he formally left his boots in the ring before hugging his family and walking out.

RK-Bro (C) vs Alpha Academy vs The Street Profits – RAW Tag Team Championship

This match went back and forth and all three teams had some great moments. Gable delivered a German suplex early on in the match. It all breaks down and Otis ends up standing tall after everyone else gets dumped out of the ring! Ford hits a huge tope con giro over the ring post! Chad follows it with an Orihara moonsault.

Dawkins delivered a Drill Bit on Riddle and after a tag, Gable with an ankle lock on Riddle. Randy got in the match when Riddle delivered Bro 2 Sleep on Dawkins and The Viper dominated the match from thereon. Ford and Gable received suplexes on the outside into the announce table.

Towards the closing stages of the match, Orton went for the RKO but Dawkins blocked. Dawkins hit a spinebuster. Riddle returned and delivered RKO. Orton finished the match with RKO on Gable.

After the match, The Street Profits make nice with RK-Bro as they had a few fist bumps and cups for a toast. Gable Steveson, who was out in the front row was invited to the ring to join the celebration. Chad, however, knocked the cup out of Steveson’s hand. The Olympic gold medalist Gable took his shirt off as he wasn’t pleased with Chad.

Chad offered a free lesson— when you’re in his presence, shush. Steveson grabbed him and delivered a devastating belly-to-belly suplex!

Result – RK-Bro win

Grade – A

Omos versus Bobby Lashley

The clash of two powerhouses was keenly anticipated. Omos delivered heavy blows on Lashley. The Almighty couldn’t muster up any offense of note in the initial stages. Omos locked in a vise grip that Lashley managed to power out of. Lashley slapped Omos right across the face. This fired up Omos even more. He unleashed on Lashley.

However, Lashley managed to evade an onrushing Omos to send him into the corner and tried to get in the Hurt lock but couldn’t due to Omos’ enormous size.

Omos pushed Lashley out of the ring. Later, he locked the former WWE champion in a bear hug. Lashley managed to break free. He delivered a thunderous suplex and followed it up with a spear to break Omos’ undefeated streak in singles competition.

Result – Bobby Lashley beat Omos

Grade – B

Johnny Knoxville versus Sami Zayn- Anything Goes match

Johnny Knoxville entered the ring to be met with a huge running kick by Sami Zayn. Zayn used a fire extinguisher to the eyes of Knoxville. The former Intercontinental champion used a crutch to strike Knoxville. Knoxville got back into the match when he hit Zayn with a steel stop sign. Knoxville’s joy was short-lived as he was sent crashing into a table.

He returned the favor later on sending Zayn from the turnbuckles into the table outside the ring. The match ended when Knoxville brought a giant mousetrap to lock Zayn and cover him for the victory. During the match, the star cast of Jackass was involved during various phases looking to take out Zayn.

Result – Johnny Knoxville beat Sami Zayn

Grade – C

Sasha Banks and Naomi vs Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley vs Queen Zelina and Carmella (C) vs Natalya and Shayna Baszler – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

Rhea Ripley and Sasha Banks were involved in a great back and forth duel to get things started. Banks countered a Riptide and Ripley countered a backstabber. Ripley managed a tag to her partner. However, the heel tag teams took out Naomi and Ripley from the apron. Morgan and Banks took everyone out on either side of the ring. Banks delivered a backstabber, and Carmella took out Ripley with a hurricanrana.

Morgan and Ripley took out three competitors each from opposite sides of the ring. Ripley delivered a Riptide into a backstabber from Morgan on Naomi but before the three count Banks broke the cover. Natalya and Baszler took Sasha out. Natalya and Baszler delivered Hurt Attack on Naomi and went for the cover but Morgan broke the same to keep the match going. Towards the closing stages of the match, Banks delivered a Meteora on Zelina and inside the ring, she delivered a lethal combination move with Naomi on Carmella to get the victory in a fast-paced thriller.

Result – Sasha Banks and Naomi win

Grade – A

Edge versus AJ Styles

Styles and Edge started the match with the latter with a headlock. Styles delivered a dropkick. The fans had already started chanting “This is awesome” as Edge went for a spear early but Styles avoided contact. Styles delivered a vicious knee from the apron onto the chin of the Rated-R Superstar. Styles brought Edge back in the ring and looked to deliver a springboard 450 but the Hall of Famer put up his knees. Edge dominated the match from thereon. He delivered a should breaker to Styles.

Styles struggles to muster some of his fierce offensive moves as Edge continued dominating. However, Styles finally managed to turn things around when he delivered a vertical suplex to Edge on the turnbuckles. He unleashed a flurry of punches but Edge once again took back control of the match working on Styles’ shoulder which he had targetted throughout the match. Edge locked the STF but Styles managed to get to the rope. Styles delivered a DDT coming over the top rope.

He delivered a torcher rack and followed it up with a slam. Both men exchanged heavy blows in the middle of the ring. Styles locked in the Calf Crusher which Edge countered into a Rebel lock. Styles delivered a superplex on the ring apron. The former TNA star once again tried the 450 splash and this time he connected and sent for the cover but Edge kicked out at 2. Styles went for a Phenomenal Forearm but Edge avoided connection. He laid out Edge with a Styles Clash but the cover only resulted in a two count.

Damien Priest’s assistance to Edge

Styles went out to the apron looking to go for a Phenomenal Forearm but he noticed that Damien Priest had arrived at ringside. The hesitation allowed Edge to recover as he met Styles mid-air with a Spear when the latter launched himself to deliver the forearm.


After the match, Priest joined Edge in the ring and both of them had a laugh before leaving the ring together.

Result – Edge beat AJ Styles

Grade – A

The attendance was announced to be 78,453.

The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) versus Sheamus and Ridge Holland with Butch

This match started with Kofi delivering a Trouble in Paradise to Holland. However, he was pulled outside the ring by Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior had to focus on Butch who was looking to get himself involved in the match and assault Woods and Kingston. Sheamus stopped Butch from attacking New Day members.


He also delivered a couple of Brogue Kicks to Kofi and Woods respectively to allow Holland to score the pinfall in a fast-paced encounter. After the match, Butch attacked Woods but Sheamus and Holland pulled him away.

Result – Sheamus and Ridge Holland beat The New Day

Grade – C

The Hall of Fame Class of 2022 were welcomed once again as the WWE Universe gave them a huge ovation.

Pat McAfee versus Austin Theory

Vince McMahon came to the ring and introduced Austin Theory saying that the man will be a future world champion. Theory came to the ring and took a selfie with Vince. McAfee made his entrance and the match started with him taking full control of Theory with a scintillating flurry of offensive moves with punches, arm drags, and more. WWE Universe was fully behind McAfee. Theory, however, took control of the match with a few vertical suplexes but he repeated the same move a few times and the SmackDown announcer countered one of them and delivered a suplex of his own.

McAfee pushed Theory off the apron to the announce table. He went outside and put on the headphone and commentated a bit saying that he is beating a “douchebag” and then he slammed Theory’s head on the announce table. Pat went for a Swanton Bomb but Theory moved out of the way. Theory delivered a fall-away slam but McAfee kicked out. Vince’s protege went up to the top rope but McAfee caught him there.

Theory, however, dropped him but McAfee landed on his feet. He delivered a huge superplex from the top rope. Towards the closing stages of the match Theory took out McAfee off his feet with a kick. Theory looked to deliver his finisher but McAfee countered into a roll-up for a victory.

Result – Pat McAfee beat Austin Theory

Grade – B

Pat McAfee versus Vince McMahon

After the match, McAfee seemed to challenge McMahon to step in the ring with him. McMahon took off his suit and his shirt and entered the ring and there was a referee in the middle in no time.

Before the match started, Theory attacked McAfee from behind. As the match got underway, Vince delivered a few clotheslines and once McAfee recovered he was again attacked by Theory. Eventually, McMahon won the match after he kicked a football onto the stomach of McAfee.

Result – Vince McMahon beat Pat McAfee

Grade – No grade

Vince and Theory were celebrating in the ring when the glass broke. Stone Cold Steve Austin came to the ring to take a stand against Vince McMahon’s evil acts. We were taken back to a bit more than a couple of decades. Austin delivered a Stunner on Theory and then offered some beer to Vince.

The Chairman of WWE thought that Austin won’t attack him but his misconception didn’t stay for long. Austin delivered a Stunner had celebrated with more beer. He called McAfee to the ring and called for some more beer. However, as McAfee was having his beer, Austin delivered another Stunner to end the segment as the fans enjoyed every bit of it.

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar versus Universal Champion Roman Reigns- Winner Take All, Championship Unification Match

With their head-to-head stats tantalizingly poised at 3-3, it was about which one of the two super athletes could get the lead and cement their legacy forever in a match with huge stakes.

The match started off with a thunderous pace. Lesnar was dominating the initial exchange. Both men went outside the ring and Heyman distracted Lesnar which allowed Reigns to spear the WWE Champion through the barricade. Reigns dominated the match from thereon. A series of Superman punches and a few spears but Lesnar wouldn’t give up. Lesnar, in fact, sported a grin while receiving the beatdown.

Lesnar got back in the match with a suplex and F5 but Reigns kicked out. Brock went for another F5 but Reigns put a thumb to the eye of Lesnar and speared him into the referee. As the referee was taken out, Reigns delivered a low blow and hit Lesnar with the championship belt.

Towards the closing stages of the match, Lesnar locked in the kimura lock on Reigns. The Beast Incarnate went for another F5 but Reigns managed to slip away and deliver a devastating spear to get the W.

Result – Roman Reigns beat Brock Lesnar

Grade – B

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