WWE TLC 2019: Tables, Ladders & Chairs results, winners, grades and reaction: Heels rule the roost at PPV

WWE TLC 2019: Tables, Ladders & Chairs results, winners, grades and reaction

This wasn’t a night for the celebration of many faces in WWE. TLC was the final pay-per-view of 2019 and it wasn’t as grand a success as it could have been.

WWE TLC 2019: Tables, Ladders & Chairs results, winners, grades and reaction Baron Corbin Roman Reigns
Baron Corbin vs Roman Reigns was one of the highlights of TLC 2019 (Image credit: WWE)

There were three titles on the line but none of the singles belts. Bray Wyatt was in action, but not as The Fiend as he faced The Miz in a non-title match.

TLC 2019 results, winners, grades and reaction

Kickoff – Humberto Carrillo vs Andrade

The former NXT champion started the match well as he put in several hits on Carrillo.

It took some time for the high-flyer to get back into the action, but Andrade had an answer to everything. However, a new collision with Zelina Vega seemed to have turned the match around.

Humberto Carrillo
Humberto Carrillo picked up the win over Andrade (Image credit: WWE)

She was blamed for Andrade’s recent loss too, and Carrillo took advantage of the situation to pick up the win.

Carrillo beats Andrade

Grade B

Andrade left in a huff and didn’t speak to Vega after the match. The battle itself was great but the interesting part is how the pair from NXT do.

Vega turned Andrade’s career around after becoming his manager, and a split could be on the line.

SmackDown tag team title clash: The New Day vs The Revival (Ladder match)

This had all the hallmarks of being a quality match between two top teams, and it did not disappoint.

Kofi Kingston shines in such matches and had a high dive to highlight early in the clash. The Revival kept working on Big E too and the New Day star took a huge bump in the battle.

The New Day vs The Revival
The New Day vs The Revival was an excellent clash (Image credit: WWE)

Ladders were used throughout the clash with some crazy spots. Both teams kept firing at each other until the Revival gained momentum and looked set to win the title.

However, Kingston produced some magic in the end and used the titles to hit Scott Dawson off the ropes and keep the championship.

The New Day beat The Revival

Grade A

What a great match to start the show. The Revival and the New Day proved more than worthy competitors and their chemistry was spot on.

The use of the ladder was also perfect, though a little brutal in some spots but that’s what you expect from such a match.

Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy

Two stars who have been excellent on NXT finally got their chance of making a mark on the main brands.

Murphy and Black have taunted each other in the weeks leading up to this clash, and it did not disappoint.

Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy WWE TLC 2019: Tables, Ladders & Chairs results, winners, grades and reaction
Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy was one of the best fights on TLC 2019 (Image credit: WWE)

Black had some great kicks to the chest and a big knee but Murphy seemed to have an answer for everything. He hit a running sit-out powerbomb and also a brainbuster to Black later on.

Both were going hammer and tongs at each other before Black hit the Black Mass out of nowhere and picked up the win.

Grade A

Another great match on the card with both stars leaving no stone unturned. Black seemed to have a broken nose but kept doing great stuff in the clash.

It will be interesting to see what route WWE takes with each star.

Raw tag team title clash: The Viking Raiders vs The OC

The Viking Raiders set up an open challenge, and I expected the Street Profits to face them after their great battle on Raw.

However, The OC came down to challenge them and it was the champions that dominated early on.

The OC then distracted the referee and took advantage of the situation before the match spilled on the outside. The referee counted both teams out and in the end, the Raiders put Karl Andersen through a table.

Grade C

This could have been a higher grade if a proper finish was given. It is understandable that WWE want to continue the feud between the pair, but the countout result isn’t a plus in my book.

King Corbin vs Roman Reigns (TLC match)

This battle had been brewing for a couple of months and finally Reigns and Corbin had a go at each other with no rules.

There was a lot of interference from Dolph Ziggler and Corbin’s security but Reigns had the best of the early going.

Corbin then used a ladder to get the upper hand and hit Reigns with a Deep Six and a chokeslam. However, the Big Dog put the King through a table with the Samoan drop.

Reigns got a lot of punishment in the end as the Revival and Ziggler took shots at him and Corbin finished him off with the End of Days onto a chair.

Corbin beats Reigns

Grade B

Interference from the outside was expected in this clash, however, it was surprising that not much help came in Reigns’ way.

The match was entertaining and keeps the rivalry going between the two. Hopefully, Corbin will get his beat down soon, and that should come from Reigns sooner rather than later.

Bray Wyatt vs The Miz

Wyatt didn’t come down as the Fiend and seemed to enjoy the adulation of the WWE Universe as he waved his title a lot.

The Miz was in no mood to play and destroyed Wyatt from the start. However, Wyatt kept on asking for more and things took an interesting turn outside the ring.

WWE TLC 2019: Tables, Ladders & Chairs results, winners, grades and reaction Daniel Bryan, Fiend, The Miz TLC 2019
Daniel Bryan came out to make the save (Image credit: WWE)

Miz tried to run Wyatt through a barricade and missed. The Champ hit a variation of Sister Abigail outside and then inside the ring too to finish the match.

The Fiend appeared on the Titantron and Wyatt pulled out a mallet to possibly smash The Miz. However, Daniel Bryan came out in a new look and unloaded on Wyatt.

Before the returning star could use the Mallet on Wyatt, the lights went out and the champ was nowhere to be seen.

Wyatt beats Miz

Grade A

This was a plus in all possible ways. Miz looked good until he became overzealous in trying to destroy Wyatt.

The champ picked up a win but he wasn’t all that great, given that he was The Fiend. Bryan made a great return and looks hungry to take out Wyatt.

Rusev vs Lashley (Tables match)

This storyline has gone on for too long, and hopefully, this was the end of it.

Rusev started strongly and unloaded on Lashley. Both men tried to setup a table to put their opponent through but missed out early on.

Things then turned in Lashley’s favour as he used a Kendo stick to beat the pulp out of Rusev. However, the Bulgarian brute got hold of the stick and seemed ready to blast away.

Lana, who was at ringside, then got involved and jumped on Rusev’s back and attacked him.

That gave Lashley an opportunity to spear Rusev and then send him through a table with a suplex.

Lashley beats Rusev

Grade C

The match itself wasn’t great and the ending, hopefully, doesn’t see more of this storyline returning.

But knowing WWE, this rivalry could go on for another month or so.

Women’s tag title clash: The Kabuki Warriors vs Becky Lynch and Charlotte (TLC match)

The quartet are some of the best in the business, and this was a great ending to the PPV, if a little messy.

Almost every woman was put through the table and there were some really dangerous moments in the clash too.

That was expected, given the nature of the match, with both sets using the steel ladders to their advantage.

Kairi Sane also tried to hit her In-Sane elbow but was unable to get that done.

The Kabuki Warriors vs Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch
The Kabuki Warriors beat up Charlotte (Image credit: WWE)

The match turned when Lynch was tied to a ladder and ‘neutralised’ and the champions attacked Charlotte.

However, Flair and Lynch took advantage when the champions took too long to set up a tall ladder.

Asuka was able to powerbomb Charlotte through a table and that left Lynch to try and pick up the titles.

However, the Empress of Tomorrow then pulled a rope which saw Lynch fall with a ladder she was on.

Asuka then climbed up to keep the titles with the Warriors.

The Kabuki Warriors beat Lynch and Charlotte

Grade C

The show didn’t end there as the Warriors didn’t have time to celebrate much. A brawl broke out between Reigns’ team and Corbin’s team and spilled into the crowd.

The match itself was decent, if not for a few botches and it will be interesting to see how things go on from here.

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