Rusev net worth, wrestling history and personal life

Miroslav Barnyashev, also known as Rusev, is currently signed with the WWE and is a former powerlifter.

The 34-year-old started his career as a heel but has turned things around with his “Rusev Day” chant and has picked up a lot of support from the WWE Universe.

The Bulgarian-American emigrated to the United States as he wanted to break into the wrestling business and joined the WWE’s developmental circuit in 2010.

Rusev and Lana
Rusev and Lana have been together since the Bulgarian made his WWE debut in 2014

Lana, CJ Perry, became his manager during his time in the FCW and she also made it to the main roster when Rusev debuted in the Royal Rumble in 2014.

First championship for Rusev

The ‘Bulgarian Brute’ picked up his first title by defeating Sheamus. The Brute beat the Irishman to land the first of three WWE United States Championships.

Barnyashev has had various feuds with several superstars such as John Cena, Shinsuke Nakamura, Andrade Almas and Randy Orton.

Rusev in action during a WWE match

His last feud was for the SmackDown Tag Team titles with Nakamura, but the pair were unable to beat the New Day.

Rusev returned to in-ring action recently but has seen his relationship with Lana hit turbulent waters.

The ‘Ravishing Russian’ seems to have broken off all contact with the Bulgarian and is seen with Bobby Lashley.

Other media and appearances

The Bulgarian Brute is a regular on Xavier Woods’ gaming channel on YouTube, UpUpDownDown.

Rusev and Lana
Rusev and Lana at a WWE show

The 34-year-old also has featured on Total Divas and also in a couple of movies, one being a Scooby Doo feature.

Rusev has also been a playable character in all WWE wrestling games since WWE 2K15.

Family and personal life

Lana and Rusev married in 2016 and the pair have been together in the ring too for most of his appearances in the WWE.

The 34-year-old Rusev also became a naturalised American citizen in September 2019 after spending several years in the USA.

Rusev net worth

NetworthoPedia reports that Rusev earns between $250,000 to $500,000 per year thanks to his work with the WWE.

Rusev and Lana
Rusev and Lana are involved in a new storyline by the WWE

The estimated net worth of the 34-year-old is close to $1million and the Bulgarian resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

Rusev’s future

Rusev has become one of the best wrestlers in the ring in recent years and it will be interesting to see what develops with the new Lana angle.

This isn’t the first time the WWE have decided to try out a love triangle featuring a real couple.

Hopefully, Lana and Rusev stay together for the foreseeable future and this storyline with Lashley doesn’t see them breaking up.

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