WWE SmackDown results, winners, grades and reaction: Reigns attacks Corbin while Bryan gets second crack at Wyatt

WWE SmackDown results, winners, grades and reaction: The final SmackDown of 2019 was done and there were some big clashes on show.

A triple threat match was set to open the show with Baron Corbin facing Daniel Bryan and The Miz to decide who is the No.1 contender for The Fiend’s Universal title.

WWE SmackDown results, winners, grades and reaction
Roman Reigns attacked King Corbin before the tripl threat match (Image credit: WWE)

However, Corbin cut a promo before his other opponents arrived and Roman Reigns actually attacked the King.

Corbin wanted the match to be postponed to next week and even the commentators questioned what could happen to the match.

Grade B

This was a decent way to keep the fans guessing what is up next while the feud between Reigns and Corbin continued.

Big six-man tag match

An absolutely insane six-man tag match was up next with Braun Strowman teaming up with the New Day.

The trio were set to face Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro. The heels dominated the early going with the Swiss Superman attacking Kofi Kingston.

There was carnage when Strowman was tagged by Kingston as all six men took each other out.


In the end, it was Strowman who helped pick up the win after Kingston threw the pancake tray at Nakamura.

Strowman and The New Day beat Nakamura, Cesaro and Zayn

Grade B

A great match with all six men doing their bit, even if Zayn had a smaller role to play. The Monster Among Men seems to be the No.1 option to face Nakamura for the IC title and possibly win his first singles championship in WWE.

Another win for Mella

Carmella picked up a win in last week’s episode of SmackDown and was at it again in this one too.

She beat Sonya Deville last time around and beat her partner, Mandy Rose.


Rose started the match brightly, however, Mella picked up the win thanks to a superkick.

Carmella beats Rose

Grade C

The WWE seems to be pushing Carmella now and she is 2-0 in recent weeks. The former champion looks good in the ring, and it will be interesting to see how the brand uses her.

Bryan vs Miz for No.1 contender’s match

Corbin was out for this clash and it was down to Miz and Bryan to find out who would face The Fiend for the Universal title.

Bryan attacked
Daniel Bryan and the Miz were attacked on SmackDown (Image credit: WWE)

However, Corbin’s security team took out both wrestlers and the match ended as a DQ. The King confirmed this was part of his plan and added himself back into the match that would take place later in the night.

Bryan vs Miz ends in double DQ

Grade B

The King did his bit of playing the heel and it fits his persona well. It felt a little dragged that one match was spread across three segments, but it made for decent storytelling.

More problems between Banks and Evans

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross conducted another Moment of Bliss segment with Lacey Evans as the guest.

The Southern Belle didn’t waste time as she called out Sasha Banks for taunting her child last week.


She marched down to the ring for a fight but saw Dana Brooke being dragged by Banks and Bayley. Evans ran towards the ramp to make the save and a four-women tag match was the logical step.

The Southern Belle started the match on fire, however, it was Banks who picked up the win thanks to a Banks statement.

Banks and Bayley beat Evans and Brooke

Grade B

Evans looked great on the mic and didn’t do a bad job in the ring too. This battle also continued the feud between Banks and the Southern star, however, it is difficult to understand why Bayley and Brooke are being dragged in it too.

The No.1 contender’s match

The match started off with The Miz and Bryan beating Corbin after he attacked the pair early on the night.

However, the King took control of the match but that didn’t last for long. Dolph Ziggler distracted the pair and gave Corbin an upper hand. It seemed like the King was going to pick up the win but Roman Reigns pulled him out of the ring.

Daniel Bryan The Miz
Daniel Bryan beat The Miz to become the No.1 contender (Image credit: WWE)

The pair continued to fight in the backstage area as the Miz and Bryan were left to fight it out.

It seemed that the A-Lister was the one to pick up the win after a Skull-Crushing Finale and a Figure-Four leglock.

However, Bryan battled back and applied the LeBell lock to pick up the win.

Bryan beats Miz and Corbin

Grade A

This was an excellent match as all three men had some fantastic moments. Letting Bryan win was the right thing to do, and it will be interesting to see how Royal Rumble goes for the Fiend and the former champion.

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There was a small segment with Wyatt appearing on the big screen as asking Bryan to let him in.


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