WWE SmackDown results, winners, and grades 3 June 2022: Undisputed WWE Tag Team Title on the line


Here are the SmackDown results for the 3rd of June, 2022.

Madcap Moss is set to return this week. This will be his first appearance on SmackDown after Happy Corbin brutally assaulted him a couple of weeks ago. Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura will challenge The Usos for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Title.

Madcap Moss

The New Day come out to the ring to get us started

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston made their way to the ring. Kofi and Woods admitted that they have taken a few losses against the Brawling Brutes but last week they returned to the winning side with help from the Scottish Warrior Drew McIntyre. The former WWE Champion McIntyre made his way to the ring. McIntyre said before starting, he wanted to give a shoutout to Big E. McIntyre started a Big E chant from the crowd. The 36-year-old McIntyre said he will take the WWE Universal Championship from Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle but till then the New Day could count on him whenever they needed help. Kofi said they have a present for McIntyre.

It was a wrestling trunk with “Big D” written. The Brawling Brutes came out to the stage area and Sheamus called New Day and McIntyre’s victory as tainted as all of Ohio’s Championship wins. The Celtic Warrior said they were not prepared for McIntyre. Butch had enough of the talking as he rushed to the ring, only to be dumped outside by the trio. We went into a commercial break. After returning from the break, we had a rematch going on from last week’s main event.

Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Butch versus Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Drew McIntyre

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods isolated Butch. They used some in-tandem offense and Woods followed up with a senton. Butch managed to make the tag to Ridge Holland and he tackled Woods who fell inside out. Woods took some punishment from all his three opponents for the night before tagging in Kingston. The former WWE champion Kofi Kingston delivered a crossbody to get a near fall.

Kingston was looking for a Trouble in Paradise but Butch stopped him by grabbing his feet. McIntyre delivered a big right hand to take out Butch. Woods and Kofi flew from over the top rope and took out two members of the Brawling Brutes as we went into another commercial break. Upon returning, we saw Sheamus dominating Kingston in the ring. Holland delivered a Powerslam to Kingston and Sheamus followed up with a knee drop from the top rope. Sheamus delivered a cheap shot to McIntyre and it gave Kingston the time to recover.

Kingston made the tag to McIntyre who took out all three of his opponents with ease. Sheamus hit McIntyre with a running knee followed by a Brogue kick. In the ring, Butch and Woods were legal. Sheamus distracted Butch by getting up on the apron. Butch delivered the Bitter End to seal the victory for his team.

Winner – Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Butch

Grade – A

Max Dupri came to Adam Pearce and told him that he will reveal the first member of the Maximum Male Models next week.

Humberto Carrillo versus Jinder Mahal

Shanky was dancing at gorilla but Mahal came and told him to take tonight very seriously. Mahal also told him, “no dancing.” As the match got underway, Carrillo’s quickness momentarily stunned the Modern Day Maharaja. The former world champion got back in the match with a huge kick. Shanky was cheering for Mahal and dancing outside the ring. Mahal got distracted and Carrillo got the roll-up on him.

Shanky, however, got up on the apron to distract the referee. This time Mahal used the distraction to pin Carrillo for the victory. Shanky asked Mahal to join the dancing but the latter was not in the mood. Mahal left as Shanky began jigging with Samantha at ringside.

Winner – Jinder Mahal

Grade – D

Raquel Rodriguez versus Aliyah versus Shotzi versus Xia Li versus Natalya versus Shayna Baszler – Six-pack Challenge to determine the No. 1 contender for Ronda Rousey’s SmackDown Women’s Championship

After Shotzi made her way to the ring, she was seen sporting a wide grin. Aliyah’s music hit but she was nowhere to be seen. A few moments later, she was seen locked up in the locker room. As the referee rang the bell, Aliyah made her way to the ring. Aliyah delivered the Meteora to Shotzi before she was tossed over the barricade by Natalya and Baszler. Baszler locked in the Kirifuda clutch on Rodriguez but both women fell outside the ring. Aliyah returned to drop Xia Li face-first with a bulldog.

Natalya delivered a Discus Clothesline to take out Li. Rodriguez knocked down Natalya with a big boot and dropped Shotzi on her. Rodriguez dropped Shotzi with her finisher. Baszler came from behind and locked in the sleeper hold on Rodriguez as Natalya took advantage, pinning Shotzi for the pinfall victory.

Ronda Rousey was at ringside and after the match, she came to the ring and had a face-off with Natalya.

Winner – Natalya

Grade – B

We saw an ambulance backstage. Madcap Moss appeared out of the back of the ambulance as he was looking in a foul mood.

Madcap Moss makes his way to the ring

Moss said three weeks ago he was in the ring with a chair wrapped around his neck and a 90-pound trophy was dropped on him. Moss said that Corbin thought he had got rid of him. Madcap Moss said he was right. The former 24/7 Champion said he had buried the old Madcap Moss. He called out Happy Corbin to the ring. Corbin came out to the stage area. The former Lone Wolf said that Moss was not here to fight but he was here because he missed him. Corbin said he could give Moss his job back.

Moss asked Corbin to come out to the ring so that he could knock his teeth down his throat. Corbin said that Moss was angry and not thinking straight so it’s not the best idea to have a brawl tonight. Adam Pearce appeared and said that Happy Corbin versus Madcap Moss on the show was a great idea and made the match official.

Madcap Moss versus Happy Corbin

Corbin was in no hurry to enter the ring. Eventually, he did enter the ring and Corbin delivered a couple of devastating clotheslines to Corbin. The former United States Champion was sent outside the ring. Corbin was sent into the barricade outside followed by the ring post.

Moss took a steel chair and unleashed on Corbin. Corbin got back to the ring. Moss took the steel steps and tossed it inside the ring. Moss wrapped a chair around the neck of Corbin and was about to drop the steel steps on the neck but WWE officials came to the ring to stop the 2022 Andre the Giant Memorial trophy winner.

After Moss’ assault on Corbin with a steel chair, the latter got the win as a result of disqualification.

Winner – Happy Corbin

Grade – D

The Usos were interviewed backstage and they ran down their opponents while hyping their match which was up next.

Another match announced for Hell in a Cell

Happy Corbin met Adam Pearce backstage. Corbin asked Pearce if Moss was suspended for his actions. Pearce denied anything of that sort. The on-screen WWE official informed Corbin that he will face Madcap Moss in a No Holds Barred match at Hell in a Cell.

Michael Cole revealed that Richochet will defend his Intercontinental Championship next week on SmackDown against Gunther.

We got backstage promos from both Ricochet and Ludvig Kaiser with Gunther. Richochet said that the title will continue resting on his shoulder. Kaiser and Gunther talked about how confident they were in taking the title from Ricochet.

The Usos (c) versus Shinsuke Nakamura and Riddle – Undisputed WWE Tag Team Title match

Shinsuke Nakamura and Jey Uso got us underway. Nakamura tagged in Riddle who delivered a Fisherman suplex to Jey. Jimmy got the tag in and he delivered a sidewalk slam to Riddle. The former United States Champion came back with a kick to the head of Jimmy and made the tag.

Nakamura was all fired up as he delivered a knee to the mid-section of Jey. Riddle got the tag and delivered a big boot to Jey. Riddle covered but Jey kicked out at 2. The RAW Superstar went up to the top rope looking for a Floating Bro but Jimmy knocked him down.

Outside the ring, Nakamura went for a knee strike on Jey. The Bloodline member avoided the move as Nakamura went knee-first on the steel steps. The Usos took out Nakamura’s already-injured leg. The King of Strong Style needed medical attention and was escorted backstage. Riddle was all by himself and had his task cut out facing a well-oiled machine in The Usos. Riddle entered the ring and sent Jimmy and Jey outside as we went into a commercial break. After returning from the break, Riddle was fighting The Usos valiantly all by himself.

The Usos sent Riddle spine-first into the corner. Jey mocked Randy Orton trying to build up for the RKO. Riddle managed to knock down Jey with a running knee strike. Jey got the tag to his brother. Riddle delivered a couple of Fisherman suplexes to the twins and dropped a couple of sentons as well. Riddle hit the Floating Bro to take out The Usos on the outside. Jimmy delivered a DDT from the middle rope and attempted the RKO.

Jimmy, however, managed to counter into a Samoan drop for a near fall. Riddle caught Jimmy on the top rope as Roman Reigns’ music hit. Riddle got momentarily distracted but managed to deliver the Super RKO. Jey had made the tag which Riddle did not see. Jey won the match for his team after delivering a Frog Splash. Sami Zayn was the one pulling the string as he was in the production truck playing Reigns’ music.

After the match, Zayn appeared at the stage area to celebrate with The Usos. Riddle was not done as he came out to brawl with the three men. The referees and officials had to separate them in the end.

Winners – The Usos

Grade – A

Overall show grade – B

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