WWE SmackDown results, winners, and grades 24 June 2022: Ricochet gets his rematch against Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship


Here are the SmackDown results for the 24th of June, 2022.

We will be seeing a couple of Money in the Bank qualifying matches where Tamina will take on her Shotzi while the King of Strong Style Shinsuke Nakamura will square off against the Honorary Uce Sami Zayn.

Drew McIntyre comes out to the ring

Drew McIntyre came to the ring to get the show underway. He said that no matter how many matches he has been winning on SmackDown, the Tribal Chief has managed to avoid him. He said that after the Last Man Standing match at SummerSlam, he will be cashing in the Money in the Bank contract.

Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Butch made their way to the ring. Sheamus said that he was right about everything except that it’s going to be him and not the Scottish Warrior who will be cashing in the Money in the Bank contract. Paul Heyman came out to the stage area with Adam Pearce behind him. Heyman predicted that it is going to be Roman Reigns who will win at SummerSlam but after that match, the Head of the Table will be vulnerable. Pearce said that WWE higher-ups have overruled the decision to have both McIntyre and Sheamus in the Money in the Bank ladder match. They would get back into the match only if they put their personal differences aside and teamed up later on the show and defeat The Usos.

Sami Zayn was interviewed at gorilla. He said that it’s a great night for The Bloodline as The Usos have the chance to get rid of McIntyre and Sheamus. Zayn said that he dedicates his match against Nakamura on the night to the WWE Universal Champion. Zayn also said that he is looking to win the Money in the Bank contract to protect Reigns.

Shinsuke Nakamura versus Sami Zayn – Money in the Bank qualifying match

Nakamura began the match explosively with an armbar. The Japanese star hit a heel kick to floor Zayn. Outside the ring, Zayn dropped Nakamura onto the barricade and returned back to the ring. Nakamura almost got counted out. He made it back to the ring at the count of 9. The former two-time Intercontinental Champion Nakamura went up on the top rope but Zayn dumped him outside the ring. Zayn went up to the top rope and tried delivering an elbow but he was met with a kick to the face. Zayn came back into the match with a Michinoku driver and almost got the three count.

The heel got up onto the top rope once again but Nakamura knocked him off. Nakamura attempted a Kinshasa but Zayn sidestepped and got a roll-up. Zayn got his feet to the middle rope for some extra leverage but the referee caught him. Zayn began arguing with the referee when Nakamura hit a knee to the back of the neck. Eventually, Nakamura hit a Kinshasa outside the ring and brought a rattled Zayn back into the squared circle. Upon returning to the ring, Zayn delivered a Helluva Kick to secure the victory.

Winner – Sami Zayn

Grade – B

The New Day versus Jinder Mahal and Shanky

Before the match began, Woods said that The New Day doesn’t like to have rematches after rematches. They said that nobody wanted to see this match. However, the WWE Universe wants to see Shanky shake a leg. The WWE Universe began the “yes chants” and we saw the Skyscraping Shanky move to the tunes of the trombone.

A furious Mahal walked away and The New Day continued dancing with Shanky. However, they were blindsided by the Viking Raiders. The former tag team champs attacked Woods, Kingston, and Shanky from behind. The Raiders absolutely brutalized the three wrestlers. Their primary targets were Woods and Kingston. They laid waste to the former multiple-time tag team champions and put the tag team division on notice before making their exit.

Sonya Deville went into Adam Pearce’s office and told the on-screen authority figure that she deserved to get more matches but they have been given to Lacey Evans and Raquel Rodriguez instead. Deville insulted Pearce by calling his wrestling career a failure. Pearce gave Deville a match and it was a 2-on-1 handicap match versus Rodriguez and Evans.

Sonya Deville versus Lacey Evans and Raquel Rodriguez – 2-on-1 handicap match

Sonya Deville came out to the ring with Xia Li and Shayna Baszler for company. As the match got underway, Baszler distracted Raquel and Evans was hit with a knee by the former Absolution member. Evans took some beating at the hands of Deville.

We later saw both women dropping each other simultaneously with dropkicks. Evans made the tag to Rodriguez. The former NXT Women’s Champion absolutely dominated Deville before Evans made the tag and delivered a Women’s Right to pick up the victory.

After the match, Li and Baszler attacked Rodriguez and Evans. Deville also joined in. However, the two women who had qualified for the Money in the Bank ladder match thwarted the heels and stood tall to end the segment.

Winner – Lacey Evans and Raquel Rodriguez

Grade – C

Natalya came out to the ring impersonating Ronda Rousey

Natalya came out to the ring dressed up as the SmackDown Women’s Champion. She spoke as Rousey as well. She said she realized that the Sharpshooter is much more dangerous than the armbar. It’s better Rousey handed over the title to Natalya said the B.O.A.T.

Rousey came out to the ring and said that the only time Natalya could become the main attraction in WWE is when she dressed up like The Baddest Woman on the Planet.

Rousey attacked Natalya but the latter fended off the champion thanks to a baby stroller she had brought to the ring.

Gunther (c) versus Ricochet – Intercontinental Championship match

Ricochet got off the blocks quickly as he delivered a dropkick and began punching at Gunther’s ribs. The champion, however, dropped the high-flyer with a bodyslam. Ricochet hit a few knees to the face of Gunther and it seemed that the Austrian was dazed. However, the heel turned things around with a huge clothesline turning Ricochet inside out. Gunther followed up with a running dropkick followed by a powerbomb to retain his title.

Winner – Gunther

Grade – B

Paul Heyman was interviewed backstage by Kayl Braxton. But before he could say anything, Zayn interrupted. He said that Braxton tried to put words in his mouth earlier on the show. She said that Zayn could cash in the Money in the Bank contract on Roman Reigns. But Zayn said once again that he will never do something like that. Heyman was quite happy upon hearing that and put his hand around Zayn’s shoulders.

However, he got furious when Zayn said that he will cash in the Money in the Bank contract on Brock Lesnar. Zayn realized that he had made a mistake and he left the scene without saying another word.

Tamina versus Shotzi – Money in the Bank qualifying match

Shotzi tried getting in a sleeper hold to start the match but the veteran dropped her to the mat. Shotzi hit a step-up enziguiri. She went up to the top rope and looked for a high-risk move. It didn’t come to fruition as Tamina caught her with a huge big boot. Tamina went for the cover but Shotzi managed to get her foot to the rope to break the count.

Eventually, the youngster managed to get the win with an innovative DDT which Michael Cole described as the “Never wake up”.

Winner – Shotzi

Grade – C

Max Dupri reveals the first member of the Maximum Male Models

Well, maybe not. Last week, Dupri was not happy with the lighting. This week, he was not happy as his model was not given a separate dressing room with a temperature of 68.3 degrees centigrade and a refrigerator with some of the best water available in the world. Dupri asked Pearce to get his act together next week as he would be coming with his models to titillate the juices of everyone’s guilty pleasures.

Pat McAfee challenges Happy Corbin to a match at SummerSlam

Pat McAfee went up on the announce desk and talked about how Corbin blamed him for his loss to Madcap Moss last week on SmackDown.

The SmackDown commentator eventually challenged Corbin to a match at SummerSlam. Michael Cole said that we will get to hear what Corbin has to say about this challenge next week on SmackDown.

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus versus The Usos – If Sheamus and Drew McIntyre win, they will qualify for the Money in the Bank ladder match

The Street Profits joined in on commentary for this match.

McIntyre and Sheamus were arguing about who should start the match. Butch entered the ring and was about to go after The Usos but Ridge Holland somehow managed to stop him. The Usos attacked McIntyre from behind. After going back and forth for a while, McIntyre tagged Sheamus in. The Celtic Warrior hit the 10 Beats of the Bodhran and went for a Brogue Kick but failed to make contact. Outside the ring, Butch was about to smash Jimmy Uso but McIntyre stopped him and threw him into the barricade.

Sheamus was furious as McIntyre had assaulted his buddy. Both the former world champions began throwing right hands at each other. The Usos took advantage and took both men out. We went into a commercial break, and upon returning, we saw Jimmy and Jey dominating Sheamus. Jimmy hit an enzuigiri followed by a hip attack in the corner. However, Jimmy was caught by a devastating knee when he attempted a second hip attack. McIntyre finally got the tag and was all fired up. However, he was sidestepped shoulder-first into the ring post.

The Scottish star came back with a couple of neck breakers to both the Usos. Sami Zayn came out of nowhere and was about to hit a Helluva Kick to McIntyre but Angelo Dawkins blocked him.

Eventually, Jimmy Uso delivered a Superkick to McIntyre but the latter returned with a Claymore to pick up the victory.

Winners – Sheamus and Drew McIntyre

Grade – A

Overall show grade – C

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