WWE SmackDown results, winners, and grades 26 August 2022: Drew McIntyre versus Sami Zayn


Here are the SmackDown results for the 26th of August, 2022.

Drew McIntyre will take on the Honorary Uce Sami Zayn. A second chance Fatal 4-way tag team match will determine the team which will replace Toxic Attraction in the Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament. Ricochet will lock horns with Happy Corbin.

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Ricochet vs Happy Corbin

Corbin tried to come out of the blocks quickly and charge towards Ricochet but the high-flyer evaded him and sent him to the floor with a hurricanrana. Ricochet hit a dropkick and then took Corbin’s knees out.

After going back and forth for a while, a dropkick from Ricochet sent Corbin outside the ring through the middle rope. Corbin delivered World’s Strongest Slam on top of the announce table.

The heel dominated the match for a while before an attempted End of Days was countered with a DDT. Corbin went on to hit Dee Six but couldn’t keep Ricochet down. Ricochet hit a Knee strike followed by a Superkick to take down Corbin. The former Intercontinental champion Ricochet hit the Shooting Star Press to pick up the win.

Winner – Ricochet

Grade – A

Karrion Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux appear on the big screen. Kross said that it might be Drew McIntyre’s moment. Kross said that Drew should savor it. This is because anytime Kross could put his arm through the back of Drew’s head and all of the Scottish Warrior’s achievements will mean absolutely nothing.

Natalya and Sonya Deville vs Nikki A.S.H. and Doudrop vs Tamina and Dana Brooke vs Xia Li and Shotzi – Second Chance Fatal 4-Way

Deville and Tamina got the match underway. Snuka began with a superkick to knock down Natalya. Deville attempts a pin but Doudrop breaks it up with a senton.

Deville hit a superkick but Doudrop came back with a senton. All women involved in the match begin to brawl and the referee has a hard time controlling the proceedings.

Towards the closing stages of the match, Brooke countered a superplex attempt and hits a superplex on Nikki to send her outside the ring and she landed on other competitors. Deville brings Nikki back in the ring and got the cover for the pinfall.

Winners – Sonya Deville and Natalya

Grade – B

Brawling Brutes come out to the ring

Sheamus said that next week the Brawling Brutes will be starting fights and drinking pints when he celebrates becoming the new WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser march to the ring. Sheamus said that he is the real Ring General. He named some of the biggest competitors he has faced in WWE from Drew McIntyre to Randy Orton to John Cena to Roman Reigns, and even Triple H. The Irish star said that he sees a lot of himself in Gunther. He praised Gunther for his brutal physical qualities but said that he has something he wants, and that is the Intercontinental Championship.

Gunther said that he will teach Sheamus a lesson. Both men stare each other down as their disciples were brawling around them.

Roman Reigns told Sami Zayn backstage that he wants him to keep McIntyre occupied. Zaum said that it was a piece of cake and he promised to get into McIntyre’s head. He also promised to destroy McIntyre tonight.

Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah vs Natalya and Sonya Deville – Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament semi-final

Natalya hit a Michinoku Driver on the floor. Rodriguez checked on her partner and had to fight the battle alone for a while. She caught Deville and Natalya with a double suplex. However, the heels soon took control of the match.

In the end, Rodriguez broke free from the sharpshooter. Deville caught her with a knee for a nearfall. Rodriguez hit a one-arm powerbomb to pick up the win.

Winner – Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah

Grade – B

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods return to SmackDown

Xavier Woods is in a wheelchair in the ring while Kofi Kingston stood beside him. Woods said that they underestimated The Viking Raiders. They saw them burning their legacy at the funeral.

Kingston began to speak when the horn blew and out came The Viking Raiders. Erik and Ivar said that they gave them a fitting farewell but they chose to come back. Erik called the New Day wounded animals and Ivar said that the best thing to do to wounded animals was to put them down. The heels entered the ring and were about to attack Kingston. However, New Day outsmarted them as Woods was hiding a couple of kendo sticks behind a cloth. The multiple-time tag team champions used the sticks to good effect and sent the Raiders outside the ring.

Sami Zayn vs Drew McIntyre

McIntyre hit a big right hand to take down Zayn. However, the heel bounced back to dominate for a while but the Scottish star hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to take control of the match. Zayn hit a sunset powerbomb as we went into a commercial break.

Upon returning, Zayn hit a Tornado DDT for a nearfall. McIntyre hit a Glasgow Kiss to get back in the match. The Usos marched towards the ring and the distraction allowed Zayn to hit the Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall.

In the end, McIntyre took out The Usos and hit a Claymore to pick up the victory.

Winner – Drew McIntyre

Grade – B+

After the match, Reigns blindsided McIntyre. However, the babyface sent Reigns shoulder-first into the ring post. The Usos came back and assaulted Drew. This allowed Reigns to deliver a spear. The Bloodline assaulted McIntrye with a steel chair. Zayn hit a Helluva Kick. The Usos hit McIntyre with the steel steps as Reigns enjoyed what he was seeing. Reigns applied the guillotine and sent McIntyre to sleep. To rub insult to injury, Reigns placed a chair on top of McIntyre and sat on it with his titles as The Usos and Sami Zayn stood in the background to end the show.

Overall show grade – B

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