WWE SmackDown results, winners, and grades 1 July 2022: All competitors in the Money in the Bank ladder matches will be present


Here are the SmackDown results for the 1st of July, 2022.

We should be seeing the RAW Superstars who are going to compete in the men’s and women’s Money in the Bank ladder matches appearing on this week’s episode of SmackDown. This means that the likes of Seth Rollins, Omos, Riddle, Becky Lynch, Asuka, Alexa Bliss, and Liv Morgan will be seen on the blue brand this week. Happy Corbin will answer the challenge from Pat McAfee regarding a match at SummerSlam 2022.

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Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match participants started the show

The show kicked off with Drew McIntyre, Riddle, Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins, and Sheamus perched on top of 5 ladders while Omos and MVP were standing inside the ring. Rollins said that whoever wins the Money in the Bank contract, the best place to cash in will be at SummerSlam where Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar will beat the hell out of each other.

Zayn said that he will protect the Tribal Chief from the “vultures” when he wins the Money in the Bank contract. MVP said that nobody has a chance against the 7-foot-3 giant Omos. Sheamus said that he already has the experience of winning the MITB contract and he previously cashed it in on the current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Drew McIntyre stated that he defeated Brock Lesnar in under 5 minutes so he is the perfect guy to win the contract. The Miz, Ezekiel, Happy Corbin, and Madcap Moss came out to the ring one after the other and stated how they are the best fit to become Mr. Money in the Bank this year.

All men got involved in a war of words when Adam Pearce made his way to the stage area and announced a battle royal.

Good old-fashion battle royal

Sami Zayn almost eliminated Riddle once the match got underway but the former United States Champion saved himself. Ezekiel became the first person to be eliminated thanks to Omos. The Nigerian Giant went on to eliminate Madcap Moss and The Miz. McIntyre and Omos had a scuffle in the middle of the ring and the bigger man dominated the exchange. Seth Rollins came face-to-face with Omos, and the Visionary eliminated himself from the match to avoid getting hit by the former RAW Tag Team Champion. Riddle went out of the ring from under the ropes and delivered an RKO on the former Shield member. Riddle attempted to eliminate Omos and managed to do so with the help of Sheamus and Drew McIntyre.

Happy Corbin delivered a Chokeslam Backbreaker to Riddle. However, Riddle came back to hit a Go to Sleep followed by a running senton and a bodyslam. Eventually, he was eliminated by the Celtic Warrior. Corbin and Zayn formed an alliance to wear down the Scottish Warrior but the former two-time WWE Champion avoided a Helluva Kick and Corbin got hit inadvertently. McIntyre went for the Claymore but Sheamus intercepted with a Brogue Kick. McIntyre fought back with a Glassgow Kick followed by a Future Shock DDT to the leader of Fight Night. Sami Zayn got hit with a Claymore and got eliminated.

The final 3

Corbin had slid under the ring and waited for the opportune moment to return back. The former Lone Wolf managed to eliminate Sheamus and McIntyre to steal the victory. After the match, Corbin was seen pointing at Pat McAfee and laughing his heart out.

Winner – Happy Corbin

Grade – A

Happy Corbin was interviewed backstage by Kayla Braxton. Corbin was thrilled after winning the battle royal. He was asked about Pat McAfee’s challenge to face him at SummerSlam but Corbin did not reply.

Natalya was interviewed backstage. She said that she has seen nothing but fear in Ronda Rousey’s eyes. The Queen of Harts said that Rousey hasn’t recovered fully from the Sharpshooter she had locked in on her a few weeks ago. Natalya said she will be the first one to make the SmackDown Women’s Champion tap out.

The New Day versus The Viking Raiders

The New Day cut a promo ahead of the match. They said that everyone in the arena wanted to see the Skyscrappimg Shanky dance and they made it happen until The Viking Raiders took them out. The crowd booed The Viking Raiders. Woods said that now the Raiders are serious and more dangerous than ever. They called out the former RAW Tag Team Champions and they got their wish.

Erik and Ivar came out to the ring with a couple of shields. They used them to brutally assault both the New Day members. They were about to exit the ring until they felt that the statement wasn’t made appropriately. Erik and Ivar returned to hit a double-team powerbomb on Kingston and made their exit.

Winner – No one as the match did not get started.

Madcap Moss, Ezekiel, Happy Corbin, and The Miz had an argument backstage as they wanted the chance to be the last participants in the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match. Adam Pearce said that the four men will be involved in a fatal 4-way match later on in the show to determine the final participant.

Liv Morgan, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss versus Raquel Rodriguez, Lacey Evans, and Shotzi – 6-woman tag team match

All six women came out to the ring. Becky Lynch came out with a microphone and said she will take rest for the night after what she has been through to get to the Money in the Bank ladder match. She said she will give her expertise to the SmackDown announce team.

Meanwhile, the match got started. Asuka brawled with Shotzi and Raquel Rodriguez one after another. Rodriguez missed an elbow drop which allowed Asuka to make the tag to Bliss. The Goddess didn’t want to get into a brawl with Rodriguez just yet. She tagged in Liv Morgan and the two RAW Superstars flattened Rodriguez. Shotzi got the tag in but soon she escaped outside the ring. Lacey Evans yelled at her and asked her to get back in the ring. Morgan dived outside the ring and took Evans and Shotzi out. Bliss delivered a senton to take out the former NXT Women’s Champion.

The RAW Superstars stood tall as we went into a commercial break. After we returned, Bliss was dominating Gonzalez. However, the powerful Rodriguez managed to fight back and make the tag to Shotzi. The former NXT Tag Team Champion delivered an overhead suplex to Bliss. She followed it up with a Walls of Jericho. Bliss managed to escape the lock and make the tag to Asuka. The Empress of Tomorrow locked in an ankle lock and hit her opponent with a German Suplex. Asuka delivered a hip attack for a near fall. Things got haywire towards the end as all six women exchanged blows inside the ring. In the end, it was Liv Morgan who delivered an Oblivion to Shotzi to get the victory for her team.

Becky Lynch strikes

After the match, Becky Lynch got in the ring and hit a Manhandle Slam on Asuka, and left.

Winners – Asuka, Liv Morgan, Alexa Bliss

Grade – A

The Usos and The Street Profits come to the ring for an interview

Kayla Braxton interviewed The Usos and The Street Profits inside the ring. She asked The Usos how scared they were thinking about what would happen if they lose the titles to The Street Profits at MITB. She also added another question saying that were they fearful of thinking how Roman Reigns would react if they lost the titles. The Usos said that they fear no one and are oozing confidence.

Braxton asked The Street Profits if they have lost their killer instinct as of late and also said that she has heard that Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins are not getting along well recently. Dawkins said that he considers Ford as his brother and quashed the rumors regarding them not being on the same page. The two teams had a staredown before The Usos exited the ring.

Max Dupri was in Adam Pearce’s office. He said that finally, the WWE Universe will get the chance to see the magnificence of the Maximum Male Models.

First two members of the Maximum Male Models were introduced

WWE found a great way to waste around 10 minutes of SmackDown. Max Dupri came out to the ring and introduced Mace as ma.çé and Mansoor as mån.sôör as the first two members of the Maximum Male Models. The two superstars walked the ramp and posed for the cameras as Dupri continued heaping praise on them.

Ezekiel versus The Miz versus Madcap Moss versus Happy Corbin – Fatal 4-way Money in the Bank qualifying match

Madcap Moss delivered a high elbow to rattle Ezekiel. Happy Corbin took out Moss from behind. The two heels, Miz and Corbin teamed up for a brief period to assault Moss. However, the alliance ended when Corbin betrayed The A-listed. Corbin delivered a devastating chokeslam to Ezekiel on the announce table, right in front of Pat McAfee.

Back inside the ring, Madcap Moss built up momentum as he hit everyone moving in front of him. Moss hit the Punchline on Corbin and went for the cover but Ezekiel managed to break things up just in time. Miz hit a backbreaker followed by a neckbreaker on Moss while Corbin hit the veteran with a Deep Six.

Ezekiel sent Madcap Moss into the corner shoulder-first. He followed it up with a high knee to Corbin and spinebuster to Moss. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Ezekiel but before he could take advantage, Corbin pulled him outside the ring. Corbin hit the End of Days on Ezekiel. Moss did not let Corbin go for the cover as he sent him shoulder-first into the ring post. Moss pinned Ezekiel to punch his ticket to MITB.

Winner – Madcap Moss

Grade – B+

Overall show grade – B+

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