WWE SmackDown results and grades 25 Dec 2020: Christmas brings in a New champion


WWE SmackDown results and grades: This was the Christmas special of SmackDown and some leaks had already suggested what was going to take place on the show.

Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns in action
Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns battle at TLC 2020 (WWE)

Nevertheless, WWE wanted to end the year with a bang, at least for SmackDown, and here are the results and grades from the show.

Reigns vs Owens 2

After their incredible battle at TLC 2020, Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens battled in a Steel Cage.

This was another brutal affair as both stars gave it their all for the win. Owens and Reigns both had near falls with a lot of weapons also being used in the match.

Jey Uso, again, played a role in this battle as he stopped Owens from winning the title. Uso also handcuffed Owens to the cage which allowed Reigns to walk out and taunt Owens after the win.

Reigns beats Owens

Grade A

This was another great match between two of the best in the business, and it will be interesting to see if WWE has a rematch between them.

Owens was on the end of a two-on-one in the end, and that could be a reason why the battle takes place again.

Women’s tag clash

Asuka and Charlotte Flair were again in action just days after defending their titles. They had to deal with an elimination match as they took on a couple of new teams.

Carmella teamed up with Bayley while Sasha Banks was with Bianca Belair. The heels dominated early on but it was Bayley who was eliminated first thanks to Banks and Belair.

Bayley then taunted Banks and Belair on the outside and it were the champions who retained the title in the end.

Charlotte and Asuka win

Grade B

Having six great women talents in the ring should lead to a good match, even though this wasn’t a triple threat match.

The elimination rules were a little weird but all three teams worked well, given that none of them had been tag teams for a long time in the past.

Bryan vs Uso

Jey attacked Daniel Bryan and the former WWE Champion agreed to fight despite carrying an injury.

Uso dominated his rival in all this and seemed set for the win before picking up a knock himself. He had a couple of close calls before Bryan ducked a super kick and took advantage to seal the win.

Bryan beats Uso

Grade B

This was another quality match on the show as both stars delivered. Uso losing again might be a problem for Reigns in the coming days but he did his job and helped his cousin, so it could be fine.

Big E vs Sami Zayn

Big E was set for his biggest challenge as a singles star as he took on Sami Zayn in a Lumberjack match.

This was for the Intercontinental Title and the jacks had a role to play in all this. They attacked both sets of stars when they came out of the ring, and at one time, Zayn tried to run away from the match and keep the title.

However, Apollo Crews chased him down and a few others dragged him back into the ring. E hit a big splash and picked up the win to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

E beats Zayn

Grade B

This match was a great way to end SmackDown, and it was still fun to watch even though we knew what was going to happen.

E now has to show what he can do as a singles champion and this should be an interesting storyline come 2021.

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