WWE SmackDown results and grades: This was the final WWE show before TLC 2020 and there were some loose ends to tie up before heading to the PPV.

Carmella was to speak after her brutal bottle attack on Sasha Banks last week while Sami Zayn was going to have his own “Sami Awards” after being upset at the Slammy Awards.

Roman Reigns was not impressed with his cousin, Jey Uso
Roman Reigns wasn’t pleased with Jey Uso (WWE)

However, we start off this WWE SmackDown results and grades piece with another rivalry.

KO is taken out

Kevin Owens started the show and wanted to fight Roman Reigns right now. He also told that his family would not watch the carnage he would cause on Sunday to Reigns.

Paul Heyman appeared on the big screen and blasted Owens but KO went backstage to search for Reigns.

Reigns then made his way to the ring and wanted Owens to apologise to him. However, Jey Uso attacked Owens with a steel chair and sent him through a table too as Reigns wanted this rivalry to end.

Grade A

This rivalry has been great and seeing Uso finally click for Reigns is also interesting. Owens and Reigns are two of the best in the business and their match at TLC should be fun.

Profits vs Ziggler and Roode

This was for the WWE SmackDown tag titles as Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler wanted to take that from the Street Profits.

Montez Ford needed the help of the tights to get the win and the heels were left upset at the referee not seeing this and blasting him.

Profits beat Roode and Ziggler

Grade B

The way the Profits kept the belt should see some heat but they are faces and it was a surprise the match ended this way.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how the fight goes the next time they meet.

Kay has another new partner

Billie Kay got a chance to choose her partner this week and it turned out to be Tamina.

The new pairing worked well in the start but the Riott Squad got the better of the pair.

Riott Squad beats Kay and Tamina

Grade E

WWE have dropped the ball with a few female talents and Kay is one of them. Splitting up the IIconics has helped neither Peyton Royce or Kay, and it just highlights the horrible booking WWE have.

Carmella hits out at The Boss

Carmella was again drinking champagne and took a shot at Sasha Banks after last week’s attack.

This set off the SmackDown champion as she made her way to the ring. Champagne was thrown around but it was Banks who was on the receiving end of another brutal bottle attack.

Grade B

This has been a decent enough rivalry and Carmella has done a great job since her return.

Her promos have been good too and it will be interesting to see how the pair do when they meet for the title.

Otis vs Nakamura

Otis actually performed well against Shinsuke Nakamura and went for the Caterpillar to seal the win.

Gable, who was coaching Otis, told him not to use that move and he almost lost the match.

However, Otis did get the win thanks to a Vader Bomb. Gable then told Otis to go with his instincts and he should have hit the Caterpillar despite him being told not to.

Otis beats Nakamura

Grade C

This was fun to see Otis get a win over Nakamura. However, it was weird given what coaching Gable was giving to Dozer.

First Sami Awards

Sami Zayn hosted the first ever Sami Awards and declared he was the winner of the Comeback of the Year and Match of the Year awards.

However, Big E was named as the Superstar of the Year, after the New Day member switched the cards earlier in the evening.

The two brawled after this and it was E who was left standing tall.

Grade B

This was fun to watch especially with Zayn being at his best. E doing his bit was great too and this rivalry should be great for him to get over and continue his singles story.

Belair vs Bayley

Bianca Belair and Bayley both gave interviews before the match with both trading barbs.

The EST of WWE dominated Bayley earlier on before her arm was injured. That allowed Bayley to get the upper hand as she raked the eyes of the EST and pickled up the win.

Bayley beats Belair

Grade B

Bayley and Belair put on a show, even though the finish wasn’t all that great. Making Belair lose was a surprise too given how Bayley had been on the end of losses recently.

KO destroyed

Reigns was back in the ring and happy that KO had been destroyed earlier in the evening. He asked Paul Heyman why anyone would want to face him for the title.

However, KO walked down the ramp and was absolutely eviscerated with tables, chairs and ladders. He was under a mountain of steel and wood as Owens, Heyman and Uso walked back. However, as the heels were being interviewed, Owens rose up from his grave of chairs and claimed he would get that WWE title from Reigns or die in the process.

Grade B

Having a second segment revolving around this didn’t make sense but it still worked a bit. Owens showed he wasn’t going to be easy meat for Reigns and it will be interesting to see how the fight goes.

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